Why “It’s Good for You” Isn’t Enough for Me

Last night, I called up the stairs, “Hey, Spencer…” He replied, “Yes, Ma’am!” My kids don’t usually call me “Ma’am.” But Spence could tell by the tone of my voice that I was going to ask him to do something, and he was agreeing in advance. (Mom Moment: Awww, he’s such a great kid… but don’t worry, he’s not always like that.)

I hate running (my apologies to the Apostle Paul)

I can’t tell you much I hate running. Hence the reason this has never been my favorite Christian metaphor. Back when I was Shannon Kelley the College Student, I had to take a gym class in order to get my math education degree. (Even after all these years, my heart cries, why?) I soon discovered that it was basically a running class led by a Drill Sergeant-type professor…