7 Clutter-Free Ways to Feel Like an Awesome Mom

Fathers, do not exasperate your children;

instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Ephesians 6:4

“Mom, you’re the best mom ever.”

The words were just out of my daughter Karly’s mouth, filling my heart, when her little brother Oliver piped up. “Wait, I thought Mary—you know, Mary, Jesus’ mom?— was the best mom ever.”

“Whoa, burn!” said big brother Spencer. “Mary burn!”

Life with kids.

Seriously, don’t you just love hearing the words “best mom ever” or “best grandma ever” from your kids? Even if it is a fleeting moment!

I adore showering love on my kids with little gifts and treats… so much so that I sometimes give myself spiritual clutter about it!

  • If I’m spending too much, then I’m cluttering our budget—and my home with too many toys.
  • If I’m giving out too many unhealthy treats, I’m giving myself mom guilt—and perhaps an added pound or two as I treat myself right along side them.
  • And sometimes I feel like my schedule is already too cluttered—I don’t have time to do all of that fun stuff on Pinterest!

So today I thought I’d help you get organized with 7 Clutter-Free Ways to Treat Your Kids (or Grandkids). No heavy spending, no toy clutter, no super unhealthy treats, and hardly any prep time. All it takes is one low-cost shopping trip to a “mart”-type store (in fact, you probably have most of these items in your home already), then you’ll be ready for these five-minute-or-less tasks:

Monday: Put glowsticks in their bathtub and have a lights-out bath night. This is awesome fun; I wouldn’t mind a glow-shower, now that I think about it…

Tuesday: Grab a some sweet-smelling hand lotion and give your kids hand massages at bedtime. Rub their cute little fingers, knuckles, and palms. Bonus points for a little face massage as well!

Wednesday: Serve fresh raspberries for dinner, but first place white or semi-sweet chocolate chips inside them. This is a pretty healthy treat! And moms get to sneak some chocolate chips.

Thursday: Grab a throw blanket and give some “magic carpet rides.” Move to the area of your home with the smoothest flooring. Have your little ones lay on the blanket and grab onto both sides. Then you lift up the blanket by his or her head, and start running around! This is some crazy fun, but my kids love it.

Friday: Cut large hearts out of plain white copier paper and write a “secret message” (something you love about your child) in white or clear crayon. Then give your kids the hearts and a set of watercolor paints. As they paint, the words will appear.

Saturday: Give each child their very own full-size bag of their favorite flavor of Goldfish crackers, with a note that says, “You are o-fish-ally awesome!” (or whatever word you prefer). Kids love having something like this be theirs alone!

Sunday: Launch one of the initiatives in Your Free Guide to a Vibrant Family Faith. I’ve got tons of ideas for your family—fun ways to grow closer to each other and to the Lord!

Of course, you don’t have to do these particular things if they don’t appeal. Here’s the real secret: Whatever you do, make it something they don’t expect from you. Be the fun mom, the happy mom, the clutter-free mom you know is bubbling inside you!


So, here’s the Organizing You challenge this week:

Make a shopping list for whatever you’ll need. Assuming you already have things like hand lotion, a throw blanket, watercolor paints, and a bag of chocolate chips, this trip should cost you very little—and mostly on food you’d buy anyway.

Make a list with one activity for each day of a week. Tape it to your kitchen counter, and start crossing things off!

Shower your love and God’s love on your kids, and get ready to be the Best Mom Ever.


For more meaningful and fun mom ideas, please do download Your Free Guide to a Vibrant Family Faith!

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