A Confident Leader with a Dependent Heart

Read it! Acts 27

Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve

stood beside me and said,

“Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar;

and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.”

(vs 23-24)


Think it through

Acts 27 reads like an adventure story—a true one! To be in the midst of a “northeaster,” on a ship with ropes tied around it to keep it together…to be lost at sea for two weeks…to throw over cargo and tackle with your own hands just to keep the ship afloat…and after all of that, to look to one of the ship’s prisoners to be the heroic leader.

What leadership skills Paul must have had—how God must have gifted him in this area! He gave the men courage with a message from a God most of them didn’t believe in. He told them that cutting off their means of escape from the ship would keep them safe. He told them to eat until they were full, because they would land the next day.

And they believed this prisoner. They let the lifeboat fall away. They ate until they were full, then threw the rest of the grain into the sea! After two weeks in the eye of the storm, they put all of their trust in Paul and his God.

Surely it was Paul’s confidence in the Lord—his utter belief in the angel’s message—that inspired the confidence of those 275 men. I’d dearly love for my confidence in Jesus to be as steadfast and shine as brightly as Paul’s.


Live it like you mean it

When you’re in a leadership role, does your confidence come from your own skills or from the God who saved you? Whom are you leading right now, and how can you show them that your confidence is in God alone? Think of one way you can publicly give God credit for the work He’s doing through you in that role.

Here’s mine:  I speak to many moms’ and women’s groups—I love having the microphone and being the leader for an hour or so at a time! But I know that without Jesus, I almost certainly wouldn’t be speaking at all. And if by some chance I did by end up behind a mic without His power behind me, I’d only be so-so, nothing special…certainly nothing lasting. Everything special in my presentations comes straight from the Lord. My confidence is in Him.


Lift it up

Lord, I read about Paul today and I wanted to be like him. I’d love to be a leader for You and inspire confidence in Your Holy Name. Please use me as Your instrument in any leadership role You so choose. Help the people who are looking to me see You, always. I thank You for each and every opportunity You’ve given me to shine for You. May I be like the stars in the sky, shining and pointing to Your son Jesus. Amen.


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