Acting Weird—On Purpose

Read it! Ruth 3

“I will do whatever you say,” Ruth answered.

So she went down to the threshing floor and did everything her mother-in-law told her to do.


Think it through

So Ruth snuck onto the threshing floor, uncovered the feet of a sleeping man she barely knew, and laid down to sleep next to those same feet.

How weird is this?

As a foreigner, Ruth probably found these Jewish customs just a strange as we do. What do you suppose she thought about as she lay there on the floor, waiting to be redeemed? It doesn’t sound like she fell asleep. (I wouldn’t have been able to sleep a wink.)

My guess is that she was thinking of Naomi, the mother-in-law she trusted. She may have been praying to her God, the One True God whom she had embraced. She was taking a huge leap of faith, faith in her advisor and her Creator.

This whole adventure, from waiting outside the threshing floor to blindly holding out her shawl, proves Ruth had a willing spirit. A spirit I’d like to emulate.


Live it like you mean it

I can remember my mom teaching me to “turn with the skid” on slick roads, which felt completely wrong but of course was completely right. I also remember feeling a Holy Spirit nudge to encourage to a college classmate I’d never spoken to; she ended up being my maid of honor. And, of course, He called math-teacher me to write a book, and it was published.

When we answer His call with our willing obedience, He will redeem our efforts—no matter how strange they seem. So, I’m going to give you a strange challenge today:


Don’t do your daily devotions for 7 days.

Or, completely surrender your guilt about not doing daily devotions for 7 days!

Whatever you usually do, don’t do it. Seriously.

Instead, write “15 minutes with Jesus” on your to-do list for the next 7 days, and do something completely weird.


Shake it up! Sing praise songs—nice and loud! If you have a special prayer spot, try praying somewhere else. Jump around to parts of the Bible you don’t usually read. Get outside and take a walk with Jesus and talk with Him about what you see or what’s on your mind. Exercise or craft or write or hum a tune, but do it with Jesus.

I’ll be here, acting weird on purpose with you.


Lift it up

Lord, please help me to keep an open mind and heart to Your call, even when it seems counter-intuitive to me. Help me to keep an open heart to Your true voice. And help me to keep an open ear to the advice of the mentors you’ve placed in my life. I have a lot to learn and many steps to take down the road of faith. I want to take the next step toward You today. Amen


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