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Hello, Friends!

I have a huge praise to share with you—after almost five years of going it alone on the ministry front, God brought me an amazing new friend named Amy who’s almost as invested in this ministry as I am!  (In fact, for all I know, it’s a tie.)  I’ve enjoyed getting to know her at church, but it wasn’t until I received a nudge from a mutual friend that I reached out to see if she’d be willing to help me get the word out about Building Your House.  She has been nothing short of a tremendous blessing to me since that moment.

You can read Amy’s side of this story on her wonderful blog.  It’s really amazing what God has done for both of us.  Plus, she wrote that I’m quiet and meek and that I seep, all things that crack me up.  Now don’t you want to read it?  (While you’re there, take a look around—I love all of her stories and I bet you will, too!)

Amy’s hard work has brought me several opportunities to share on the blogs of fellow sisters in Christ.  I’ve written four guest posts in the last few weeks and I wanted to let you know about them in case you were interested in reading them and checking out these great blogs:


  1. Do you stop to celebrate the successes in your life?  Maybe you’ve succeeded, and missed it.  Hop on over to to learn from my mistakes in this area!  (This blog is really cool for women in business.)NoraConrad pic
  2. On author Rebecca Kruse’s parenting blog, I tell the story of how my Sunday School teacher yelled at me… in a good way.  She encouraged me to be more positive about my outward appearance, and here I use her story to encourage you to think about what your kids see when they look at you.RebeccaKrusee image
  3. On Lori Hatcher’s Be Not Weary blog, I share about how in order to conquer anxiety, we have to learn to fight.  This post clearly and succinctly sums up my entire ministry message! LoriHatcher meme
  4. On Joy in My Kitchen, I encourage you to set New Year’s goals—but not the goals you might expect!  You have to set a special goal in order to receive the gifts of Gideon…  Abi pic
  5. And, just in case you’re in ministry as a pastor or other staffer, I’d love to direct your attention to a free online magazine called Solutions.  I wrote an article in their January issue about organizing for ministry!Solutions


If any of those posts are calling your name, I hope you’ll check them out!  Until next time, be blessed, and thank you as always for supporting Organizing You Ministries!

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