Are You Eager for God? Are You, Are You?

Read it! Acts 17

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians,

for they received the message with great eagerness

and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

(vs 11)


Think it through

In Acts 17, Paul visits three different cities with three very different reactions to his message:

The Thessalonians were split. Some Jews “were persuaded” along with many Gentiles. The remaining Jews felt threatened and reacted violently. Not a great start to Chapter 17.

The Athenians were more open-minded, but they were open-minded to everything, weren’t they? My seventh-grader is studying Athens right now, and even he views them as a bunch of wimps! They listened to Paul and pondered what he said, but in the end most of them did nothing but file the information away as another theory to contemplate and discuss. Not a strong finale for Chapter 17, either.

But in the middle, there’s noble Berea. These people heard the Good News about Jesus with eager hearts. They searched the scriptures with eager minds to find out for themselves if what Paul was saying stood up to God’s Word. They were longing for a savior, they were seekers of the truth, they were eager.

These three cities’ reactions to Paul remind me of different people’s reactions to Jesus. Some “Christians” take a shallow stance on God, allowing themselves to be emotionally persuaded one day but growing disenchanted the next. Some take a wholly academic approach, treating Christianity as a theory to espouse. But real Christians—the ones who get it—are eager. Eager to hear, to learn, and to grow.


Live it like you mean it

Where do you want to hail from: Thessalonica, Athens, or Berea? Do you have an eager heart for God?

How I want to be a Berean! I want God to look at me and see a noble character, an eager heart, a daughter who’s seeking Him in The Word every day. I’m going to pray over Acts 17:11 each day this week and ask God to grant me the gift of eagerness. Will you join me?


Lift it up

Lord, how I love You and want to know You more. How eager I am for Your presence, to know more about You, to please You. Please give me a deeper hunger and thirst for You and Your Word. Help me to long for You and to seek You in every moment. I love you so. Amen


Tell Me About It

Rather personal question today: When it comes to God, what do you long for more of? How do you eagerly seek Him?

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