Are You Grown Up?

Read it! I Thessalonians 5

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you though and though.

May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless

at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(vs 23)

Think it through

I don’t want my kids to think I have it all figured out. I don’t.

I try my best to apologize when I’m wrong. I admit it when I don’t know all the answers. I fess up when I’m in a cranky mood and trying to turn it around.

I also let them see me growing and yearning for Christlikeness. Reading from The Word. Praying out loud for help and guidance. Seeking to be better… to be more like Jesus.

Maybe that’s part of why this is my favorite page in the scrapbook:


“You are growing to be like Jesus. Growing and maturing in faith—becoming more like Jesus—is called Sanctification.”


I want my kids to know that, until their very last days here on Earth, they can grow. They can learn. They can serve God. They can become more like Him. I want them to seek sanctification.

And I want to embrace that sweet life myself.


Live it like you mean it

Do you ever pray over your own sanctification? Do you ask for God’s help as you grow to be more like Jesus?

It’s hard to want to grow or be stretched. Inertia sets in, even in spiritual matters, and we can start to think that we’re “good enough.”

Growing is takes work, and stretching is uncomfortable. Sometimes sanctification is downright painful, especially if you’re called to deny something that you really want, or you’re learning from a hard time.

I’ve printed out a notecard with prayerful questions that I ask most mornings. I laminated it, not just because I love laminating things (which I do), but because I keep it in the shower so I can start of the day talking to God about what’s coming up for me. (The questions on the card are loosely based on something I read in the Bill Hybels book, Honest to God.)



What/Who are you calling me to today?

How can I grow closer to you?

How can I grow closer to T and the kids today?

Where do I need a little sanctification?


The first question centers my heart on the “big rocks” of the day, the second is a reminder about my most important relationship, and the third is a reminder of my true purpose. Then that last question can be a doozie.

When I’m straying from God’s will for me, asking Him, “Where do I need a little sanctification?” reels me back in. Have I been seeking comfort from food and not my Father? Have I been too focused on myself to pay attention to a neighbor who’s having a hard time? Have I been selfish, vain, greedy, or guilty? Am I overworking or overbooking?

So here’s the challenge: Join me every morning this week, and prayerfully ask God, “Where do I need a little sanctification?

I can’t wait to hear what He says.


Lift it up

Lord, You know I’m not perfect—I’m so far, far from it!—but sometimes I resist changing my ways. Lord, please sanctify me. Your ways are better than my ways. Shape and mold me. Thank You for giving me the perfect example in Jesus. I want to grow to be like You more each day, each moment.


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