Are You Ripe for the Picking?

Read it! Amos 8

“What do you see, Amos?” he asked.

“A basket of ripe fruit,” I answered.

Then the Lord said to me, “The time is ripe for my people Israel;

I will spare them no longer.”

(vs 1&2)


Think it through

I was disappointed by my pears this week. Two days ago I cut one open and it was hard as a rock, like eating an apple. Today, I picked one up and could tell by the feel that it was overripe. Obviously, the day to eat my pear was yesterday, and I missed it.

God is the only one who knows when the time is right for our fruit. He knows when it’s too early for us to do His work because our hearts aren’t ready. Often we jump in regardless and get frustrated with our lack of success. He also knows when we’re waiting too long to do the work He’s called us to. We procrastinate out of selfishness or laziness, and so our hearts stray from Him and His will for us.

So the question is, how can we tell if our timing is lining up with God’s? How will we know when our fruit is ripe?

The Holy Spirit. His nudge is clear and right. If I’m pressing ahead but I don’t feel that spiritual assurance, I feel alone and somehow powerless. On the other hand, if I’m holding back, I develop a restlessness of spirit that makes me uncomfortable and dissatisfied.


Live it like you mean it

Is there anything you’re doing that you clearly don’t feel God’s support underneath? Or is there something making your spirit restless, a “go” that you’re ignoring? Take a moment to pray over your activities and initiatives to see if you feel a pull on your heart one way or the other.

I tried to get a running start on my next book at the end of May last year—but I just couldn’t get going. Instead, I focused on enjoying my kids through the summer, and I felt so much more peace about relaxing with them than when I was trying to work on the book. I may have jumped the gun a bit! But in the fall I felt pulled toward writing, antsy with the desire to share my words. The call had come.  Now I’m in a season of final editing and my work is nearly ready to bear its own fruit!


Lift it up

Holy Spirit, please help me to attune my heart to You. Guide me; help me to know when to wait and when to press on. And please give me strength for the journey! Amen.


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