Because Your Momma Said So!

Read it! John 2

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


Think it through

I’ve always been a fascinated by this little exchange.

In modern times, for Jesus to start with “Woman!” seems a bit funny. And then Mary totally ignores his protests and assumes he’ll do it anyway, because she said so.

I loved exploring the other translations in my side-by-side Bible, gaining more perspectives on this water-to-wine conversation. The NLT softens it a bit: “Dear woman, that’s not our problem.” “Dear woman” sounds nicer, but the “that’s not our problem” sounds off to me. To me, The Message is even worse with a “Mother,… Don’t push me,” but I do love how that translation handles Mary, reading, “She went ahead anyway.” That makes me smile.

He is her Lord; she is his momma.

A dear friend going through a hard time once posed these questions to me: “Why do we even ask for things when God already knows what he’s going to do? Why even pray about this stuff?”

That’s a rough one. I don’t know the answer. But my heart whispers a response, one that rings especially true when held under the light of this mother-son exchange. He is her Lord; she is his momma. He is our Lord; we are his beloved children. He loves us so much that as long as what we ask for is within his will for us, I believe he will bless us.

I think of it this way: I always give my kids healthy lunches without desserts, but if they ask for treats with sweet smiles, I’ll usually smile back and say, “Oh sure, get a cookie!”   A random cookie isn’t going to affect their healthy adversely, and I love to bless them with little treats—yet I wouldn’t have given it to them if they didn’t ask.

In the same way, I believe that God has more for us if we ask for it.  And that he wants to give it!

I know that I’m venturing out of Biblical here and into the land of my opinion… and now I’m about to bring money into it, oh my!


Live it like you mean it

Is there a blessing you’re not asking for because you think God won’t give it to you? Is it outside God’s will as you know it to be? Or is it possibly within that boundary, and you just haven’t asked?

One blessing that I have a hard time asking for is a financial one. I feel like I don’t even have the right to ask for more. I’ve started charging set fees for my speaking engagements (something that’s hasn’t gone over super well with groups on a tight budget!).  I’m trying to give some money to those less fortunate, use most of it to cover my ministry costs, and earn a little extra for marketing.  So far, I haven’t contributed any money to our family budget… but someday I’d like to!  And I have a hard time trusting God with that request, like he won’t see the truth of my heart, only greed.

What’s the truth of your heart right now? When you get right down to it, what do you want to ask for? I’m challenging you to shift your perspective and pray over that topic every day this week!  I’ll join you, starting now…


Lift it up

Lord, you have blessed me with so much that I feel unworthy to ask for anything. You have granted me salvation, called me into ministry, and then piled the blessings so high. But I know that You love me so much that there is no end to the blessings—I can never get to the bottom of Your love! So I will ask: if it’s within your will for me, please financially bless this ministry.  Grant me clarity about how much to pour back into this venture, and when it’s time to bless my family. Do what’s best for this ministry, my family, and me. Lord. I love you. Amen.


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