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These aren’t your momma’s organizing books…

These books take you on a journey with Jesus.



We all have the spiritual clutter of negative thoughts and worries that can distract us from our loved ones and distance us from God. And that’s not OK—that’s not the abundant life in Christ we want to claim!

Christian women today aren’t content to make faith a “part of our lives.”  We don’t see Christ as a Sunday-only friend.

We want to live our lives for Him.  We want to glorify Him with our marriages, to raise our children to love Him, and to manage our homes for Him.  We want to be all in.


Welcome to the life you can create with the Organizing You books.


Organizing You: Finding Your Spiritual Clutter and Using Organization to Clear it Out

Friends, it all starts with you—your time, your chores, your thoughts, and your purpose.

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Building Your House: A Faithful Mom’s Guide to Organizing Home and Family

Then, build your home on the firm foundation of faith—organize your belongings, routines, and family life with Jesus.



The Organizing You Handbooks

These novella-length ebooks are based on my most popular talks.  Take a retreat with Jesus and to discover, set, and achieve Godly goals with Organizing for a New Year. Clear out the spiritual and physical clutter in your closet with Organizing For a Wonderful Wardrobe. Relax your spirit so you can open your door with Organizing For Christian Hospitality. Then reduce holiday stress and make every celebration about Jesus with Organizing for Joyful Holidays.  Or you can own them all with the compilation edition, Organizing You: The Handbooks!


Through the Organizing You books, you’ll become just “organized enough” to be truly effective for the Lord and your family. You’ll find a unique blend of scripture, relatable personal stories, and flexible organizational techniques to help you organize you.

I’m so thrilled about what God is doing through these books!  If you’re on the fence, please check out the critical acclaim and my Amazon reviews…then get excited to live all in for Christ and claim His abundance!


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PS—In case you want a little company on your journey, I offer Free Six-Session Organizing You Group Bible Studies for each book. So, read them with friends! Just read them!


Book FAQs


Are your books just for moms, or for all women?

Though the Organizing You books are addressed to moms, I wrote them to help any woman who sometimes finds herself feeling anxious and overwhelmed by life.  (In fact, several men have read Organizing You and shared with me how helpful they’ve found it—everyone has spiritual clutter, don’t they?)  If you’d like to live a more intentional life for Christ in the abundance of His peace, then I’d love for you to read Organizing You and Building Your House.  I truly believe they will bless you.


Do you have to be one of those organized people to get anything out of your books? Or, do you have to be hopelessly disorganized to get anything out of your books?

No matter how organized you are, you have some spiritual clutter and can use organization as a tool to clear it out!  The Organizing You books are perfect for the true organizational enthusiast looking for tips, the frazzled mom desperately searching for ways to get organized, and all the women in between. You’ll discover realistic, adaptable ways to make your household run more smoothly and grow closer to Jesus in a real way.


I think your books would really help me… but what if I’m not organized enough to read them?

I know that can be a problem, and I have a solution!  I want you to read these books so much that I’ve written two Free Six-Session Organizing You Group Bible Study curriculums just for you.  Now you can take the Organizing You journey with friends who will support you and keep you accountable.  You’ll also delve deeper into scripture and spend more time in prayer.  It’s a ton of fun without too much homework… and you can do anything for six short sessions!


I loved your Bible studies!  Where can I find more?

Try a Bible Study Series right here on my blog!  In keeping with the heart of my ministry message, this blog isn’t about “getting organized,” it’s about living intentionally for Jesus. I’ve written short Bible study series that any individual or group can enjoy.  Some other posts are devotions with a kick­—a challenge to get us living God’s Word!  I also write about how I fight anxiety through my Thought Shot Posts.


I read your books, and I’d love to find the articles and resources you mentioned.  Where are they?

In both books, I mention free resources and helpful articles that you can find right here on OrganizingJesusMoms.com.  I’ve compiled a list of book companions for you, but if there’s something else you’re looking for, try a search in the sidebar.  And if all else fails, please feel free to email me and tell me how I can help you!


Will you come to my house and help me get organized, pretty please?

Unfortunately, I’m not a traditional in-home professional organizer.  But feel free to reach out to me with any questions—I’d love to serve you.


“This book was so different than other books I’ve read (or tried to read) before!  It was like the author had written a book that was just for me!  I could identify with everything and it was so easy to read!  I even took notes and applied her tips and tools into my daily routine!  This book truly impacted my life in a big way!”

—Just one of the five-exclamation point (I mean, five-star!) reviews on Amazon

My readers are amazing!!


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