Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim for Organizing You


Here’s what the bloggers are saying about the Organizing You books:


“Typically I read home and organizing books with one toe in and the other out, not expecting much or any new information (after all they usually always say the same thing) but I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed this book by Shannon Upton… Building Your House is different than any other home management book I have read before.”

-Victoria Osborn, blogger, CreativeHomeKeeper


Shannon has practical, Bible-based tips for organizing and de-cluttering… [Building Your House] is filled with nuggets of truth to help you with organization, and life in general. Several principles throughout the book that apply to home and family organization can also apply to just about every area of our lives as women. Even if you aren’t in desperate need of organization help, you’ll still get something out of this wonderful book.”

—Heather Creekmore, blogger,


“I’m an organization junkie, so I didn’t realize what [Organizing You] would do for me. Shannon doesn’t give you tips to keep your desktop cleared, but instead uses a Biblical framework to attack the clutter in our hearts and minds and souls.  Her focus is to do what’s important to our faith, our souls, and our responsibilities as Christians.  Shannon has a clear and distinctive voice. She’s a mom. She’s got a wonderful idea. She’s passionate about what she does and wants us all to be better Jesus Moms. And it shows.”

-Cara Kipp, blogger,


“Organizing my home and family doesn’t come easy to me— that’s why I’m thankful for the insight shared in Shannon Upton’s book, Building Your House! I was so surprised at how much I loved it. Upton encouraged me to keep building my home—and for the majority of the book, I felt affirmed… the great thing is that Building Your House helped walk me through the steps I need to take.”

—Hilary Bernstein, blogger,


“Shannon gets right to the heart of the matter and connects everything back to our relationship with Jesus Christ. I couldn’t have asked for a better book! … The main thing I love about this book is how foundational it is – with so much strong Biblical backing! Shannon does a beautiful job of not just sharing with us ideas for managing our home, but for truly getting to the heart behind it- bringing God glory as an act of Worship!”

—Mandy Kelly at


“Shannon Upton, in her new book Building Your Househas given me great encouragement, grace, and instruction on how to be a wise mom who builds a God-centered home… Shannon gives you helpful DOABLE tips on how to keep from cluttering up your soul, your home, and your life.  Prayer is the key… with these to -do items, she gives grace, practical tips, spiritual reasons that might be at the heart of why you need to do these things.”

-Kimberly Davidson, blogger, KCreatives


Organizing You is geared towards Moms, but I believe anybody can benefit from it. There were many “Ah-ha!” moments for me. I also loved that Shannon’s writing style is never condemning. Ever. Shannon has a love for Jesus and a passion to share it with others. She wrote this book to help others, and you can feel her joy through her words.  I really implore you to read this book!  It’s easy to read, but holds so much great information, like a tiny little treasure box.”

-Katie Neer, blogger,


“Much more than a handbook of organizational techniques, Building Your House is a call toward Christlikeness and cultivating a home where Jesus is both welcome and present… [it] consistently reminds readers that our primary purpose is to clear the clutter from our homes and our spirits so God’s love can settle deep and shine brightly. It will have you digging into that junk drawer, diving into that neglected closet, praying those long-overdue prayers, and hopefully moving closer to Jesus every step of the way.”

-Barbara Snyder, blogger, MereWhisphers



Here’s what the book reviewers are saying:


5 Stars: “Organizing You is a motivational, inspirational, uplifting book.  This guide will help you to organize your life, reduce your stress, and bring peace into your daily existence.  The personal stories make the book an interesting read; the flexible, easy to follow, and very practical tips make the book motivating.  This is a book you’ll want to reread and use as a reference.  There is a lot of wisdom along with interesting tips about how to make your life easier.  The author makes all it simple and uncomplicated, offering a refreshing feeling of hope.  Organizing You is a must-read for all women who are running a home!”

-Mamta Madhaven for Reader’s Favorite


5 Stars:  “By following the helpful advice that Shannon Upton has for us in Organizing You, your mind and spirit can be free of the clutter that is always lurking there.  She weaves together unique organizational skills and techniques, personal stories, and scriptures to help you strengthen your faith as you live your everyday life.  I really enjoyed Shannon’s delightful approach in writing this valuable book… Throughout the entire book you’ll find scripture verses to help reinforce what you’re reading, and sections called “Giving Thought to Your Ways” to really help you think about what you’ve read and how you want to apply it.  I really want to encourage you to pick up a copy of this wonderful book!  You will be delightfully pleased with what you find.”

-Joy Hannabass for Reader’s Favorite


5 Stars: “I very much enjoyed Building Your House: A Faithful Mom’s Guide to Organizing Home and Family. The author uses easy to follow, step-by-step guides that will be exceedingly useful to readers as they go forth on the journey to, as the author says, “Build your house with Jesus as the perfect cornerstone.” While containing a useful, important, and strong message, it’s not dry or stuffy at all. In fact, author Shannon Upton has done a great job writing a book that’s fun and funny and will easily engage her readers from the very beginning. Readers, and especially Christian moms who sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed and need a little help or inspiration regarding where to start organizing both their homes and their lives, should absolutely get this book. I highly recommend Building Your House. I will be looking for more from author Shannon Upton in the future, and I certainly hope that she’s already hard at work on a new book right now!”

-Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite


Here’s how Organizing You and Building Your House have been recognized and awarded:


 Organizing You, 2014 USA Best Book Award Finalist in Religion: Christianity

Building Your House, 2016 USA Best Book Award Finalist in Religion: Christianity

Organizing You, 2014 International Book Award Finalist in Religion: Christianity

ibafinalistjpeg copy

Building Your House, 2016 International Book Award Winner in Religion: Christianity


 Organizing You, 2014 ReadersFavorite Book Award Bronze in Non-Fiction: Christianity

bronze-shiny-web Readers Fav Bronze

Organizing You, 2013 Illumination Book Award Bronze in Self Help/Recovery Category


With the motto, “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books,” the Illumination Book Awards are judged with an emphasis on innovation and creative ways of expressing the Christian worldview. Congratulations to Shannon Upton’s Organizing You: Finding Your Spiritual Clutter and Using Organization to Clear it Out, for earning a 2013 Bronze Medal in the Self Help/Recovery Category.


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