Free Six-Session Organizing You Bible Studies

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Now you can embark on the Organizing You Journey with friends!

These group studies will give you every opportunity to apply the principles within Organizing You and Building Your House in ways that will really work for you and your family.  I’ve prayerfully prepared two fun and deeply meaningful Bible studies just for you—ones in which I’d actually love to participate!   (And I’m pretty picky about my Bible studies.)

These six-session studies aren’t just reiterations of the original material, they’re extensions so that the women in your group can support you as you clear out your spiritual clutter.  You’ll gain…

• Awesome Accountability:  The women in the group will keep each other excited, motivated, and accountable so you’ll finish the books and get your new organizational systems in place!

• Productive Collaboration:  The women in the group will be able to share their past experiences and new ideas, helping you to develop systems that will really work for your family.

• Stronger Friendships:  You’ll bond with the women in your group in a fun and meaningful way as you encourage each other and pray for one another.

• Spiritual Growth: You’ll dive into God’s Word so you can discover and clear out the clutter in your spirit that may distance you from Him.  You’ll also be encouraged to pray for the other women in your group, and over your own life, in a powerful way.

I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to be the Hostess of your group for six short sessions!  If you consider yourself a shy or reserved person, than these Bible studies are perfect for you—everything is written out for you.  (However, if you’re more on the bright and bubbly end, you can certainly make the your own!)  The Free Group Study Guides make everything clear and simple.  

And if your group would like to do both studies, they combine to form one continuous eleven-session study!

Simply stated, these studies will help you to do these three things: successfully complete the process laid out in Organizing You and Building Your House, build Godly relationships with other women, and grow closer to Jesus in a real way.  And as the Hostess of your group, you’ll be helping other women do the same!

The Organizing You 6-Session Group Bible Study (2nd edition, Purple Dress Cover)

The Building Your House 6-Session Group Bible Study (Blue Dress Cover)

The Organizing You 6-Session Group Bible Study (First Edition, Green Cover)


We loved Shannon’s study—specifically we loved the spirituality mixed with her concrete ideas, the icebreakers, and her personality shining through. Loved, loved, loved it!  Some of the girls have recommended it to friends while another is leading a new study herself over the summer. Can’t wait to see what Shannon comes up with next!

 -Joy, mom of four


I gained so much from this study!  Because of it I’ve implemented a life-changing system to keep my house and my mind running smoothly. The people closest to me have seen the change in my attitude and stress level as well.  I absolutely recommend this study to anyone needing a recharge or even a start to your organizational methods! If what you’re doing isn’t working, what do you have to lose? 

-Karen, mom of one

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