Celebrating My 100th Post (A List of the Best of My Best)

I can’t believe it, but this is my 100th post.

As I wrote on my “blogiversary,” I never thought I’d be blogging at all. Yet today I took a look back at my first 99 posts, and you know what? There was some good stuff in there!

Over time, my posts have evolved from Monday/Thursday Bible study posts to a new schedule: Monday Bible study devotions with a thought-provoking “kick,” and Thursday posts that deal with either anxiety help (the Thought Shot posts) or Christian Growth (the Take the Challenge posts). All of them speak to what God’s bringing to the forefront in my life… and hopefully yours.

It’s hard to let them go like water under the bridge—there’s some great stuff in there and many of you weren’t around in the beginning!  So if you’re new to the blog (or even if you aren’t!), here’s my top ten list of Organizing You blog posts.

In no particular order:

  • Reducing Your Anxiety with Jesus  My most-pinned post, as it should be—it’s the heart of my ministry.
  • Nicholas and the Christ Child  This is the only fiction piece I’ve ever written (it burned on my heart until I got it out) and remains my most-read post!
  • I Want Holy Dice!  Ever struggle with what’s not knowing what’s going to happen? Me, too. And as a bonus, this post explains why my first Bible study series header had a picture of a sheep with dice.
  • Are you an Encourager—Really?  This post hit a nerve with those who love to encourage others. It definitely challenged me.
  • How Amos is Straightening Me Out  That Amos Series was a doozy, people. He is no joke. This post proves that I grew a ton through that series… I hope you did, too.
  • Do You Wander the Roof?  Not only did I pick up a new inner catch phrase (also known as a Thought Shot) through the writing of this post, my pastor said almost exactly the same thing in a sermon just a week after I posted it. That’s when you know you’re on the right track!
  • God’s Circle of Protection—Get on in  Another inner catch phrase sparked this post in my prettiest series!
  • Welcome to Alabama  How could you not love a post with such a sweet story? And how could I not love the post that kicked off the Thought Shot series?
  • It’s no Obstacle to God  Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes?
  • The Never-Ending Story  The last Redeemed with Ruth post—to me, this post is Hope.


So, check them out!! If you missed any of the Bible Study Series, get your Bible out (or just click on the Bible Gateway links) and read them! Create the Thought Shots that are right for you and fight that anxiety. Take the Challenge(s) and grow closer to our Lord.

Kick off 2016 right! See what this blog has to offer, and join me as I try to walk even closer to Christ… that’s this year’s challenge.


Much love in Him,

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