Organizing Coaching and Consulting

Would you like me to walk alongside you as you clear out your spiritual clutter?

Would you benefit from personalized help with organization? Perhaps you need help with Christian goal-setting, time management, project management, home management, and/or family management? If so, I offer personalized coaching sessions just for you.  I’d love to help you grow closer to Christ and feel more successful, contented, and peaceful.


“If I could just have a talk with Shannon, I know I could get on the right track.”

“I’m almost ready to start this project, but I’d love to get her opinion on it before I begin.”

If one of these thoughts resonates with you, then one or two Organizing You consultation appointments may be exactly what you need.  I’m ready to help you create the right goal and discern the steps, systems, and support you’ll need to fulfill it.  I’d love to work with you on any project or specific issue and help you on your way!  


“I feel completely stuck when it comes to this problem.  I know there’s an answer, I just need help finding it.”

“I can’t seem to make any progress in these areas of my life. I need some help.”

“I’m a bit of a mess and really need a Christian friend to listen and help steer me in the right direction.”

If one of these thoughts resonates with you, then you’d benefit from Organizing You coaching sessions. These thirty-minute sessions are essentially Christ-centered life coaching with added emphasis in my expertise areas: organization, problem solving, goal setting, and goal resolution.  Together, we’ll look at where you are today, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there. Each week, we’ll work together to help you solve problems, set up systems that work for you, foster positive habits and attitudes, and, most importantly, grow closer to Jesus as you discover His path for you.

Client Quotes

Think you’re too busy?

“Sometimes when we’ve met for a coaching session the rest of my world has been spinning and slightly chaotic.  But because Shannon comes with such a grounded faith and intention for me to benefit from our sessions, our time is truly a breath of fresh air.  Even in the midst of chaos, our sessions have brought me peace, direction and motivation to make more progress in the right direction.”

Worried about being judged?

 “At first, I was afraid of feeling judged by someone who’s naturally more organized than me, but I’ve never felt a trace of judgment.  Instead, I’ve felt grace upon grace, and like I have a cheerleader in my corner eagerly anticipating my success!!!  Oddly, even when I’ve felt embarrassed about the condition of my home, Shannon has made me feel at ease, content, grateful, and ready to take on the next challenge.”

Worried about being pushed or guilted into doing stuff?

“Shannon guides me and helps me identify areas I want to work on, but she does this by getting to know me and my heart.  Everything we’ve worked on has been based on things I perceive as hurdles.  She seeks out the things that make me feel overwhelmed and works from there.  In Shannon, I’ve encountered someone who’s much more interested in putting my strengths to work than in pointing out my weaknesses.”

Worried coaching might not be worth the investment?

“I so appreciate the time and sincere care Shannon puts into our sessions.  Obviously much thought and prayer have taken place before we even sit down together, and this really sets us up for success. The motivation and accountability I’ve gotten from Shannon have taken me farther than I expected on this journey already!  I feel encouraged, uplifted and empowered to provide myself and my family with the best environment possible, the environment God intends for us to have: ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’

Worried it might be overwhelming?

“Shannon has helped me realize how I can make progress in small strides, and that together they make a BIG difference.  In just two weeks of actively organizing just a little bit at a time, my home looks and feels completely different!  I really can’t wait to keep going on this path and to see what can be accomplished in the next phase of coaching with Shannon.  I hope to learn some organizational systems that will help our home operate more efficiently and that will keep me going in a more day-to-day rhythm instead of my usual, “all or nothing” project-based style of living.”

Worried coaching might take time away from your family?

“My hubby and my kiddos have noticed the changes around the house and are so impressed!  It’s more peaceful for everyone because it’s less cluttered and just overall more pleasant.  Best of all, I didn’t have to go MIA for days on end and ignore them in order to accomplish it.  Shannon helped me take the projects one step at a time.  This new organizational model is so healthy for my family on so many levels!”

Longing for a Christ-centered approach?

“I love working with a coach who shares my desire to live a Christ-centered life.  It’s just so much easier when we have the same navigation source.  I don’t have to worry that she won’t understand where I’m coming from, or make excuses as to why it’s important for me to have devotional time or time playing with my kids instead of doing the laundry.  My relationship with Christ and my family are a given; they are automatically prioritized and encouraged in our coaching sessions.  Even when I haven’t put these things first in our conversations, Shannon has helped remind me of what’s really important.  I’m so grateful to have grown in these areas unexpectedly as a direct result of the coaching I’ve received!”

“I knew that I wanted to work with someone who not only cared about my house getting better but also would seek the Lord for what was right for me personally. Well, Shannon is awesome. She’s easy to talk to, knowledgeable, loves the Lord, and really cares about her clients. She becomes more than just someone you hired to do a job. She’s a friend. She will pray with you. Pray for you. Encourage you and truly listen to what’s on your heart. She embodies the verses ‘O Lord, you bless everyone that you instruct and teach by using your word. You give them rest from their troubles,’ and, ‘No one should seek their own good but the good of others.’  I highly recommend her if you want more than just an organizer but an “organize your life with Jesus” coach! I could say more, but I would take up her whole website!”

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Find more information about Organizing You Consulting Sessions and read the sample consulting contract

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