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Would you like me to walk alongside you as you clear out your spiritual clutter?

If you’d benefit from personalized help with Christian goal-setting, time management, project management, home management, and/or family management, I offer personalized consulting and coaching sessions just for you.  I’d love to help you grow closer to Christ and feel more successful, contented, and peaceful.


“If I could just talk this out with her for an hour or two, I know I could get on the right track.”

“I’m almost ready to start this project, but I’d love to get her opinion on it before I begin.”

If one of these thoughts resonates with you, then one or two hour-long Organizing You consultation appointments may be exactly what you need.  I’m ready to help you create the right goal and discern the steps, systems, and support you’ll need to fulfill it.  I’d love to work with you on any project or specific issue and help you on your way!  


“I feel completely stuck when it comes to this problem.  I know there’s an answer, I just need help finding it.”

“I can’t seem to make any progress in these areas of my life. I need some help.”

“I’m a bit of a mess and really need a Christian friend to listen and help steer me in the right direction.”

If one of these thoughts resonates with you, then you’d benefit from Organizing You coaching sessions. These thirty-minute sessions are essentially Christ-centered life coaching with added emphasis in my expertise areas: problem solving, goal setting, and goal resolution.  Together, we’ll look at where you are today, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there. Each week, we’ll work together to help you solve problems, set up systems that work for you, foster positive habits and attitudes, and, most importantly, grow closer to Jesus as you discover His path for you.

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