Countercultural Christianity

And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing out of the ordinary?

Matthew 5:47 (HCSB)


We all want to be out of the ordinary.  Jesus called us to be out of the ordinary, in the world but not of it. Interestingly, being countercultural has become very popular, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in not-so-good ways. Of course, if you’re acting counter-culturally with a heart for the Lord, it’s going to be very good.

I’ve heard from many readers who say the Organizing You books aren’t like any organizing books they’ve read before.  In fact, I like to think they’re counter-cultural…

Much of what I offer you, from my talks to my blog to my books, are against the mainstream of “organizational wisdom.”

  • Organizing Belongings: Magazine articles about organizing tell us to get more stuff and find new, gorgeous ways to store it. The Bible tells us that only a fool builds new barns for stuff he can’t take with him (Luke 12).
  • Time Management: Productivity experts tell us to maximize our productivity and squeeze our schedules for every extra five minutes. The Bible tells us focus on relationships and rest on the Sabbath.
  • Setting Priorities: The mainstream tells us to make more money and climb to the top. The Bible tells us to serve others, do your best, and let God grant you the success that matters.


I try to help women swim against the secular stream. For women, “success” often looks like a perfect home, a perfect family, and lots of check marks on a big to-do list. But the will of God is that we center our lives around our relationship with Jesus Christ.

I want every tool I offer you to be a compass pointing you straight to Jesus. I want help you to clear out all of the extra clutter in your spirit and build your house on The Rock. I challenge you to ask: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

God has blessed me with two counter-cultural books (and a few e-handbooks) that help women live for Christ, and I believe they’re important because we’re important. We’re living life for Christ, raising children to know Him, witnessing to neighbors, and building up our churches.

Through my words, I’m calling you to a radical life for Christ—to use organization intentionally as you give Him your time, your goals, your belongings, your family, your marriage, your home, your everything!

My friends, plan and spend your time, for the Lord. Manage your home, for the Lord. Influence the children in your life, for the Lord.


Christ’s abundance is not the abundance of this world.  So let’s organize with Him, too.

Let’s serve Him. Let’s love Him and others. Let’s behave in such a way that we truly stand out, even in our own churches. Let’s clear out our clutter so our lights can shine, pure and true.


Take the challenge: Do something this week that goes against the mainstream flow. Take a Sabbath of pure rest. Bring up “religion” in conversation and change it into a talk about a relationship with Jesus. Allow your child to fully feel the repercussions of his or her sin (not mistake). Toss any inappropriate books or movies in your home.  Be kind to a stranger and ask them to your church’s Easter Service.

Get radical, get countercultural for Jesus, and get ready to be blessed.


Would you like to organize in a countercultural way, with Jesus and for Him?  Check out the Organizing You books.

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