Doing the First Half of the Job

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Thinking it through:

In my “Don’t Wimp Out on Jesus!” post, I told a story about attempting to witness to a medical technician during a long procedure. At the end of the post, I vowed to write her a note and invite her to church. Well…

While she was sticking electrodes all over my head, I had asked her all about herself, and I mean ALL about herself. This was a long procedure!  We talked about her interests, hobbies, pets, and family. We talked about places she’d traveled and wanted to travel, where she grew up, and her current apartment. And we talked about cows.

She had one lone picture in her office, a picture of a cow, stuck on a cabinet. It begged the question, “Why the cow?” It turns out that she loves cows. (I think most people have a favorite animal that gives them joy for no discernable reason. Mine is the turtle. Hers is the cow.)

So I decided to ask my eight year-old daughter to help me make some new decorations for her office. I searched online for images related to all of the things she’d told me about herself, including more cows. My daughter cut them out and pasted them onto fire-engine red and royal blue construction paper. We sent the collages to her office with a letter.

And this time I asked her to church. In a big way. I sent it out with a prayer that she would feel seen, loved, and valued (and not creeped out). And made a note in my planner to follow up with her.

But before I could, my daughter and I got a reply from her in the mail! She’d sent a gift card to my daughter and a heartfelt thank-you note to me. She loved the collages and was touched that I was really listening to her during our time together. And she said that she was open to the idea of trying church! Praise God!

She attended a service with us once and she knows we’d love to see her again.  Will she go again? I don’t know. I’ve taken the strong, brave step on my end and I feel so confident that I’ve done what I can! But God’s got to take it the rest of the way.


Live it like you mean it:

Has God been nudging you to reach out to someone? What step can you take to meet Him halfway today? Be brave!

Next I’m going to put together a little gift for my hairdresser…


Lift it up:

Lord, thank You so much for the connection that You made between that medical technician and me. I know she is Your precious daughter and that You see, love, and value her. I know that You are holding her this very moment. Please bless her with an open heart and nudge her toward Your family of believers so that she can learn more about You. And please give me many more opportunities like this one—inspire me to reach out each of your children in a way that will touch their hearts. Amen.


Tell me about it:

What’s the most interesting way you’ve gotten someone to go to church with you?

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