Everyone Loves a Cheesy Quiz!

Everyone loves a good cheesy quiz!  Answer the seven questions below to determine what kind of mom you are…and what kind of spiritual clutter you might be carrying around.


A friend drops by unexpectedly.  You…

a) invite her in, torn between your pleasure to see her and your dismay that there are a few toys out

b) happily invite her in—you know that she isn’t there to see your house

c) talk to her through a crack in the front door, hoping your body will block her view


You need a calculator.  You…

a) go to your home office and grab one from the little bin labeled “calculators”

b) look in one or two places before you find one in your junk drawer

c) ask your kids in the hopes that one of them will have one


Your family is having a hard time getting out of the house in the morning.  You…

a) sit down with your husband and kids and explain the schedule, again

b) figure it’s a phase

c) hardly notice, because you’re always running late


You mop your kitchen floor…

a) once or twice a week (or maybe three times)

b) whenever it starts to look bad

c) hmmm… when was the last time I mopped my kitchen floor?


You are hit with a small crisis situation.  You’re…

a) momentarily thrown off kilter, but then try to make a plan to deal with it

b) emotional, but try to go with the flow

c) used to that crisis feeling and thrive under pressure


Your two-year-old says the cutest thing!  You…

a) write it down in the beautiful journal you bought just for that purpose

b) write it down on a piece of scrap paper and put it in your pile of papers

c) repeat the story to your friends for a couple of weeks, then forget all about it


The day before a February basketball practice, the coach asks that your daughter bring valentines for her teammates.  You…

a) wish you would’ve had more warning, but have your daughter make homemade valentines, anyway (while you’re making some heart-shaped cookies to go with them)

b) shrug, run out to the store for more valentines, and have your daughter write her name on them before practice

c) forget about the email and the valentines until you get to practice… but then you find some in your van from last year, so it all works out


So, I’m sure you can see where I’m going here:  the “a” answers are for Type A moms, the “c” answers are for the extremely laid back moms, and the “b” answers are for the Moms-in-the-Middle.


Don’t think I’m saying you should strive to be in that middle category—I’m not.  At all.  No matter where you fall in this spectrum, you’re a great mom and the Lord is proud of your work!  My real point is that every type of mom can have spiritual clutter to clear out…


If you answered mostly “a’s”… then you’re a Type A mom, just like me.  You’re intentional about life and get things done!  But, you’re so “organized” that you may be a bit over the top.  You strive for an unattainable perfection and never feel “done” with your work.  Your spiritual clutter comes in the form of I should get that done and I can’t forget that…and I’ve got to do this better! thoughts.

You need to spend a little time thinking about your personal expectations.  Do you need to lower some of your standards from a “perfect” to a “good enough” level?  Do you do some of your chores more often than you need to?  Do you need to change some of your organizational systems in order to better accommodate your husband and kid(s)?  The Lord’s grace covers your imperfections, Type A Moms, so make it a point to relax in His peace as you do your awesome best for your family.


If you answered mostly “c’s”… then you’re an extremely laid back mom, but still a great one!  You have the enviable ability to shrug off life’s little stresses, and you don’t live life based on other people’s expectations.  You may feel that you’re more productive when you live with a sense of pressure.  But, chances are, you’re not.  Your spiritual clutter comes in the form of Where did I put that? and I should probably…and Ugh, it’s crazy around here thoughts.

Are the things you really want to do going undone because you’re too unorganized?  In your innermost heart, do you want to step it up a notch?  You need to focus on organizing in a way that’s realistic for you and your family instead of trying to adopt systems that are too structured for you.  “Organization” is not a bad word, Laid Back Moms—it’s a tool that you can use to help you live your life with less craziness, and more rest in the Lord.


If you answered mostly “b’s”… then you’re a Mom-in-the-Middle, and you are blessed.  You have a go-with-the-flow attitude and don’t feel a lot of undue pressure to do more.  You handle things as they pop up with a minimum of fuss.  But you still have spiritual clutter, often in the form of Oops, we’re running late and Whoa, I forgot all about that and I hope I’m [whatever] enough thoughts.

Do you worry that your relaxed mothering style isn’t enough—that you should be doing more?  Do you feel a thing or two slipping out of your control?  Do you wish you were a little more organized?  Instead of waiting and hoping that things will improve, you need to figure out what’s cluttering up your spirit, and then choose to do something about it.  Moms-in-the-Middle, clearing out your spiritual clutter will allow you to truly feel the Lord’s joy over the work you’re doing as a mom.


No matter what your mothering style, you’ll find practical, Christ-centered ways to clear out your spiritual clutter within the pages of the Organizing You Books!  My prayer is that my books, blog, and speaking ministry will help you to enjoy your family and grow closer to Jesus in a real way.  Blessings to you!


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