Food Makes Me Happy… Doesn’t It?

Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven.”

—John 6:32


You know how certain phrases become part of a family’s inner language? Someone says something so cute or funny that your family members keep repeating it… until it simply becomes a part of what you say to each other. A unique family saying with a special meaning all its own.

When my little sister was just a few years old, she inadvertently created one of our favorite family sayings. She looked at her dinner plate, heaved a huge sigh of contentment, and said dreamily, “Food makes me happy.”

At family meals to this day, after we pray and open our eyes to behold the bounty before us, one of us will often say, “Food makes me happy!”—and we all laugh.

Food does make me happy. I love to eat… hence my constant battle to stay at a healthy weight, especially at this time of year when my favorite treats are everywhere. I love opening my retro Betty Crocker Cooky Book and baking away… and sampling… and baking… and sampling some more. Food makes me happy, but the next day on the scale, it makes me sad.

And it never satisfies for long.  Only one thing really does.

Christ is our Bread of Life. He doesn’t give to us as the world gives. He gives us all we need for satisfaction, life, and godliness. Christ makes us truly happy.

I want “Christ makes me happy!” to be a part of my family’s inner language—and a Thought Shot for myself when I’m tempted by all of those Christmas delights! Rather than “living it up” during Jesus’ special season, we can live fully in the understanding that He alone is our Bread of Life. He’s all we need. We can find our satisfaction in Him every day.


Take the Challenge:

This week, I’m challenging you to make “Christ makes me happy” a part of your inner language. Spend a few moments journaling about where you seek satisfaction during the Christmas season. How can you intentionally make Christ the foundation of your joy? (For example, if food is your thing, consider hanging a post-it on your fridge that says, “Christ makes me happy!”)


I’d love to hear your ideas—how are you going to remember that Christ makes you happy?

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