Free Resources

Free Resources


I want you to clear out that spiritual clutter!  


So here are some free resources to help you organize you, your home, and your family with Jesus…


Organizing You Six-Session Group Bible Study Curriculum (PDF)

Building Your House Six-Session Group Bible Study Curriculum (PDF)

Organizing You Planner Pages (PDF)

Your Guide to a Vibrant Family Faith (PDF)

The Organizing You Screen Time Voucher Discipline System (PDF)

Personal or small group Intentional Living Bible Study Series


Looking for something that’s not on this list?  If you’ve read about a resource in one of my books, or heard about it during one of my talks, then you’ll probably find it on my book companions page.  If not, try a search in the sidebar!

And don’t forget about the Organizing You Books—they truly are the best, most comprehensive resources for you!  You are worth the investment.

Please do share these resources with your friends and family—I’d love to help them clear out their spiritual clutter so they can truly enjoy their homes, grow closer to their families, and live abundantly in Christ!