The Free Organizing You Planner Pages

Excited to Organize You?

You can clear the clutter out of your spirit

by writing it into the pages of this planner system!

What makes this planner different from all of the other options out there? I put my heart and soul into creating a system that’s both helpful and deeply meaningful.

First, I’m an organizing nerd. I love it all, have read it all, and have used a lot of it. I’ve incorporated the aspects of the systems I love into one amazing daily planner.

I’m a real woman living the real mom life. So many of the planner pages out there are trendy and pretty… and they seem like they’d work… but we struggle to use them for a week or two and then give up. That’s because they aren’t functional. These are. They’re simple, comprehensive, and completely functional no matter what stage of life you’re in.

And most importantly, I’m all in for Jesus. These planner pages aren’t about squeezing the most out of your day. They are about fully dedicating your life—your time, your family, even your thoughts—to Jesus Christ.

I created the free Organizing You Planner Pages as an accompaniment to the time management system found in my first book, Organizing You: Finding Your Spiritual Clutter and Using Organization to Clear it Out. So, yup, I literally wrote the book on this… praying the whole time for guidance, for wisdom, and for you.

My prayer for you now is that you’ll use these pages to clear out your spiritual clutter of anxiety and worry, making room in your heart for peace, love, and faith.

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