The Free Organizing You Screen Time Voucher System

Are you worried that your children are getting too much screen time…

yet you worry about what might happen without the screens?

Do you need a more effective and consistent discipline system for your kids?

The Free Organizing You Screen Time Voucher System can help.

Here’s the basic idea: You give your kids several vouchers for screen time. They can choose to use those vouchers at any time during the day. If they misbehave, you take away a voucher. When they’re out of vouchers, they’re out of screen time. You give them lots of positive alternatives to the screen time.

Think you’ve read it all before? Here are some things that make the Organizing You system different from similar systems you’ve read about or tried:

  • First and most importantly, this is a system based in God’s Word. I’ll be giving you and your kids scriptures to apply throughout the process. I’ll also encourage you to create Family Spirit Goals that line up with the heart of the Lord’s teachings.
  • This system focuses on the positive. Positive words, positive actions, and positive things to do that aren’t related to screen time. You’ll learn to use the discipline aspect with little or no fuss while putting your emotional energy into the family fun!
  • This system is fundamentally self-supporting. You won’t have to put stickers on charts or keep track of “demerits.” Once you establish the system in your home, your kids will be able to handle it on their own.
  • This system is flexible. You can make it as hard-core or as laid-back as you’d like. You pick the amount of screen time that’s right for your family. You pick the positive alternatives. If your child’s favorite time-waster isn’t a screen time activity, you can modify the system for that, too. And while it’s intended for kids in grades 1 through 8, you can make modifications for younger and older children as well.

The Organizing You Screen Time Voucher System is simple yet structured. You’ll read step-by-step instructions for creating a system that will work for your family.

Here’s what two consulting experts had to say about the Organizing You Screen Time Voucher System:

“As a former school counselor with almost 35 years working with children, I find Shannon Upton’s work to be practical, scriptural, and evidence-based. I have no doubt you will find her suggestions to be effective.”

—Douglas R. Cook, PhD, Clinical Faculty Member, University of Dayton

“The system Shannon has created is both positive and detailed, making it user-friendly and manageable for a busy family. I love how this system combines Biblical truths and sound psychological principles to create an effective approach for improving behavior. I recommend this system without hesitation.”

—Sarah C. Cook, M.S., Licensed School Psychologist and School Counselor

Best of all, when you present this system to your kids as a fun family adventure, they’ll be excited! They may even be a little relieved. Most screen time really isn’t that thrilling… and they don’t want to fight with you about it. They want to enjoy their time at home and get along better with you.

Get ready to create a more peaceful, loving, and connected home…

Get the Free Organizing You Screen Time Voucher System Here

Here’s a “last word” from my son when he was nine years old: 

“I just was thinking about my kids, you know, when I get some. I want to do the screen sticks with them so they can choose their video game time but not do it too much.”

Now that’s an endorsement! 😉

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