Get Ready to Beat Your Drum

Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum,

On my drum?

We all have favorite Christmas songs we love to hear all season… and on the flip side, we all reach out to change the radio station when we hear our least favorite carols (perhaps for the fifth or sixth time).

The Little Drummer Boy hasn’t been one of my favorites. Maybe that’s because it’s not strictly Biblical, or because it’s the story of a child I could no longer identify with… until recently.

During this Christmas season, The Little Drummer Boy has elicited a strangely emotional response in me—even bringing me to tears. Suddenly, to me, we are all the little drummer boy. I am the little drummer boy.

I have no gift to bring that’s fit to give a King… I’ve always known that.

But over the last few years, I’ve found myself inquiring of the King,

“Shall I play for you?”

I’ve spoken my words for Him, to many audiences through many talks. I’ve written my words for Him, too, through two books and this blog. Just as the little drummer boy beats his drum, I offer up my words— with the rhythm of a speaker, and with the staccato pounding of the keys on my keyboard.

I’ve played my best for Him. And here’s the thing that brings tears to my eyes: I believe He’s smiling at me, me and my drum.

What is your drum? Are you pounding and mixing ingredients into meals for people who are hurting? Are you singing lullabies of encouragement to friends and family who need your soothing notes? Are you creating a rhythm in your home with wonderful routines and joyful moments?

Or maybe, just maybe,

you’re worried that you’re not playing your best for Him.

You may have set the tempo of your life too fast, or too slow. You may be letting things that feel urgent get in the way of what’s best, so your drum is gathering dust in the corner. You might not know what beats to play, anyway.

If His mercies are new each morning (and we know that they are), then His mercies are certainly new each year! You can make this year the year that you decide to play your best for Him.

The whole reason that I wrote Organizing for a New Year was to help you discover your song so you could glorify God with your life. I didn’t intend this post to be a big commercial for the Organizing You books, but I so passionately want to reach you with my song! If you’re ready to play your best for Him, I implore you to let my drum song—my words—support you.

Complete the workbook

..and get ready to beat your drum.

Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum,

Me and my drum.

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