Housewalk One-Sheet

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.

Hebrews 3:4

What is a Housewalk? Well, I made it up.  That’s part of the fun of being an author!

(True story: I was on Pinterest recently and saw a pin about a “Housewalk.”  I thought, Wait, is that a thing? I thought I made it up!  So I clicked on the pin.  Turns out, deep in the blog post, the writer actually mentioned getting the idea from Building Your House.  So yup, I did make it up!)

My second book, Building Your House, culminates in a Housewalk with Jesus.  Essentially, you walk through your home, praying over each room and discerning the spiritual clutter you have about that room (the ways the room is bothering you).  You then use your insights to organize your home in a way that really suits you.  A Housewalk is absolutely the best way to clear spiritual clutter out of your home.

And mine!  I walk through my home with the Lord about once a year, and I always discover ways to make my home more peaceful.  As my family matures and changes, we obtain more stuff, and some of our old stuff becomes obsolete.  Our routines change, and the ways in which we use each room change.  I make a list of things to do—usually easy, quick tasks that make a big difference.

I was about to do this year’s Housewalk when I realized that I’m tired of carrying my copy of Building Your House around with me to do it.  (Yes, I need my own writing to help me remember all of the things I want to pray over and consider in each room!  Silly but true.)

So I decided to write up a Housewalk One-Sheet, one piece of paper that holds all of the things I want to ponder as I walk from room to room.  This sheet doesn’t include anything about preparing for the Housewalk, nor does it tell you how best to organize your notes when you finish it.  It contains only the words we need when walking through the rooms themselves—and I found this sheet very helpful.

If you’ve read Building Your House and you’d like a Housewalk One-Sheet (or if you haven’t and want to take a look!), click right here:

Printable Housewalk One-Sheet

I printed mine and laminated it (have I mentioned that I love my laminator?).  You may just want to fold it and tuck it inside your copy of Building Your HouseI hope it blesses you the next time you’d like to clear the spiritual clutter out of your home!

For more about how to take a Housewalk with Jesus, check out my book, Building Your House: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Organizing Home and Family.

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