How To Ask for More (in a Good Way)

Read it!: II Samuel 12

He answered, “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept.

I thought, “Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live.”

(vs 22)

Think it through:

In II Samuel 12, David’s sin is brought into the open. He is judged and punished in several terrible ways, the worst of which is the death of his son.

How horrible it must have been for David to know that his son’s illness was a direct consequence of his actions. And yet he asked the Lord for grace that he knew he didn’t deserve. He pleaded and fasted and slept on the ground, hoping.

Do I even think to ask for things that I think the Father won’t give me? I don’t know about you, but I tend to shy away from asking for things that will be “too much trouble” or “more than I need.” When I do ask for things, I always add, “but Your will be done, Lord.” Sometimes I really mean it and I fully desire His will… but sometimes I’m just hedging against disappointment, trying not to hope too much.

When I consider the depth of David’s hope, even in this miserable circumstance, I know I need to step up my hope in the Lord. I need to hope for grace, for blessing. I need to ask. Sometimes I may need to come to His throne, pleading and fasting and sleeping on the ground.

And when I say, “but Your will be done,” I need to mean it with my whole heart.


Live it like you mean it:

What would you like to ask for that seems out of reach? Do you trust the Lord enough to ask, and to truly be all right with His answer? Spend some time in prayer right now asking for something that seems far-fetched, and end with a sincere “Your will be done, Lord.”

Right now, my impossible dream is this second book (along with more widespread sales of the first one!). I know He can make it happen, I just don’t know if He will. But I’m asking boldly and trusting Him for a result that lies perfectly within His will.


Lift it up:

Lord, I’m so sorry for any time that I haven’t had the courage to hope in You. Please help me to desire Your blessing and grace so fervently that my spirit passionately cries out to Yours. I am crying out to You now Lord, please work Your full will in my life. I want all the blessings of walking on Your path!   Amen


Tell Me About It:

Do you think it’s right to ask God for more? Why or why not?

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