How to Heal a Spiritual Bruise

I’m sporting quite a bruise on my shin today.  It’s a whopper—yellow in the middle fading into a greenish brown, with a lovely pink and purple bottom edge and a sizable bump. It’s almost pretty actually.

I have no idea how I got it.

You’d think I’d remember this one… did I bark my shin on something? Fall down? Bang it with a weight when I was exercising? (Sadly, I do that a lot.) I don’t know why it’s there.

In the same way, I’ll often bump into spiritual clutter that bruises my soul… worries and anxieties that get me down, even though I don’t know why they’re there.


I’ll be in bed for the night, almost asleep, when I have the sudden feeling that I’m falling down the stairs.

One of my kids will be taking a little too long in the shower and suddenly I’ll worry they’ve drowned.

I’ll be backing out of my driveway, checking all my mirrors, and I’ll hit the brakes, sure I’m about to hit someone.

These are bruises on my spirit, shades of anxiety from a mystery infliction I can’t remember. None of these things have ever actually happened to me… yet I stumble across that spiritual clutter hidden in the darker places of my heart.

If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety, you know what I mean. Even if you haven’t, out-of-the-blue fears may have struck you. You may have experienced feelings of fear or worry or even panic without reason.


So, how do we heal those soul bruises?


If you’ve read Organizing You, you know that my first recommendation for any anxiety is to discern whether it has a basis in truth. If you need to do something, do it. If there are circumstances you can change, change them. If you don’t know where a thought is coming from, it might even be the Holy Spirit prompting you into action! Pray, listen, and seek.

But when you know the thoughts are just useless and hurtful (like the ones I described above), it’s time to clear out some spiritual clutter. Pray, surrender, and lean.

Then, get ready to fight.  I have several Thought Shots for you to have on hand… choose your favorite(s) and claim them.


Lies to Fight: Something’s wrong. Something’s so wrong! I’m scared and I don’t know why.

Thought Shots:

Nothing is wrong. It is well with my soul.

God is on the throne and everything’s OK.

That’s not true. The truth is Jesus loves me.

That’s just Satan attacking. This is my Father’s world.


We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:5


For more about handling anxiety, check out more Thought Shot posts and my favorite post, Reduce Your Anxiety with Jesus.


How do you fight anxiety?

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