I Will Sing.


Read it! Psalm 108

My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.

(vs. 1)

Think it through

This is the last installment of the “I Will” Bible study series in Psalms, and I cannot leave you without talking about the most often repeated “I will”:

I will sing.

If you add in “I will praise” and “I will sing praise,” the promise to sing makes up a really large percentage of the Psalm “I wills”!

Perhaps this isn’t surprising (we are studying Psalms after all, which were written to be sung)—but it’s still significant. And it’s very literal.

We do “sing God’s praise” when we simply tell of the wonders he has done for us. (For example, these concepts are intertwined in one of my very favorite psalms, Psalm 30.)  But most of these verses are talking about audible, tuneful praise!  It says over and over in Psalms that we are to sing praises to God. With our mouths, out loud.

Though it can be temping to go to church and just listen, that’s not what’s asked of us.  And I get the feeling that this declaration isn’t a Sunday-only thing. Though we might feel insecure about the “joyful noise” we’re making, God wants us to sing to Him with joyful hearts. Often!

I remember the many times when one of my oh-so-little ones drew me a scribbled, hopelessly indecipherable picture.  I would look at it and smile as the little one in question said, “I drew you a picture, Mommy!”  Those pictures weren’t pretty, but they melted my heart.

Praise doesn’t have to be pretty.  I love to sing, but I know it isn’t always beautiful.  And I don’t always feeling like doing it.  But even in my very worst musical moments, I believe that God is pleased by my song.


Live it like you mean it

Your song pleases your Father.  So here’s the challenge: each day this week, sing your Father a song. A real, musical, out-loud one.  Even if it’s “Jesus Loves Me” every day.  Sing.

Then to go the extra mile, sing His praises to someone. Out loud, in the presence of a different someone each day for a week. Sing of Him to your kids, friends, and family.  Let your neighbors hear you.  I’ll be calling a close friend and asking her to praise God with me on the phone!

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up a study in Psalms, or a better way to clear out spiritual clutter, than to sing praise. So I will sing.


Lift it up

Lord, I could sing to You forever. I hope I will. Let me sing of You with faith and praise that is pleasing to your ear. Do not let my heart stay silent! Amen


Tell Me About It

What’s one song you’ll sing to Him this week? Tell me and I’ll sing it, too!

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