I Will.

Read it! Psalm 22

From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly; before those who fear you I will fulfill my vows.

(vs. 25)

Think it through

This spring I found a cool idea on Pinterest: list all of the “I will” verses in the Psalms. That sounded like intentional living to me, and as I’ve written a time or two before, this blog isn’t really about organizing; it’s about intentionally living for Christ. (Organizing is often a big part of that, of course!) So I started reading a few Psalms a day and writing each “I will” statement on a piece of blank paper (not very pretty).


Then I had to get another piece of paper, and another. By the time I reached Psalm 150, I had over 150 statements recorded!


I saw some of the Psalms in a new light. I saw patterns. So many themes were repeated, like the psalmist needed to remind himself over and over to clear out those particular pieces of spiritual clutter. That psalmist was usually David—he was a big “I will” guy, which is exactly what I would expect from a man after God’s own heart.

Because here’s the thing about the Psalm “I wills”:

They’re not about to-do lists.

They’re not about trying to do things on our own steam, without God.

They are about intentional living.

Intentional trust.

Intentional obedience.

Intentional faith.

Intentional life.

As Christians, we’re not supposed to rest on our laurels. It’s not about “getting saved” and then waiting for Jesus to come back. We’re supposed to worship, and trust. We’re supposed to obey, and run the race. We’re supposed to go and tell.

It’s far too easy to slide into a holding pattern, letting ourselves be distracted by other things. Like the Psalmist, we need to remind ourselves to live intentionally for our Lord. We need to say, “I will.”


Live it like you mean it

Each Monday for the rest of the summer, I’ll be sharing a “devotion with a kick,” some thoughts on the Psalms with a life application. I’d love for you to study these “I will” statements with me, and invite a friend to hop on board!

So will you join me on Mondays for this study in the Psalms?

Just say, “I will.”

Deciding to join the study is the main challenge for this week… but for an added challenge, spend one or two of your devotional times this week perusing the Psalms for “I will” statements and see what stands out to you.


Lift it up

Lord, You are worth my every good intention. I will study and learn. I will trust; I will hope. I humbly ask You to lead and guide me as I try to live in a way that’s worthy of You. Please bring many friends to join me along the way so the love of our hearts combined may lift to You like sweet incense. Amen.


Tell Me About It

Please let me know that you’re in for this study so I can be in prayer for you! And please do tell your friends about it so they can join you. Pinterest peeps, here’s a Pin!

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