Is Alcohol Cluttering Your Spirit?

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

-I Corinthians 10:31


OK, you may be wondering, why does an organizing lady feel the need to tackle this particular topic?

Because I’m all about clearing out spiritual clutter, and this issue (much like the R-rated movie topic I tackled when cleaning out my basement) may cause some.

My parents do not drink or have alcohol in their home. They taught me that over-indulgence in alcohol leads to poor decision-making, abuse, drunk driving, and death—so why drink at all? As Christians, our family would not support the industry.

Imagine my discomfort when, several years after we were married, my husband decided to become a beer connoisseur. He started meeting people for drinks at breweries and cluttered our basement fridge with exotic beers (a useless gesture, keeping it the basement—my mother saw it anyway). He discussed acidity and bitters and hops. Recently, at a wedding, the slightly tipsy maid of honor was introduced to my husband and said, “Oooh, you’re the beer guy!”

Lovely. Just lovely. I had some spiritual clutter in that moment, let me tell you.

To clear it out, I have been forced to reconsider my view on alcohol, as a grown-up follower of Jesus. I refreshed myself on God’s view of the topic through scripture. I poured my little conservative heart out to God in prayer. Here’s what I came up with… do you agree?

First, alcohol in itself is not evil. (Jesus himself turned water into wine at a wedding.)

But just like so many things in our lives, it can be abused:

  • We can damage our relationships when we drink—even a little. We can lead others astray, tempt those who struggle with alcohol, or allow our judgment to be impaired and hurt others.
  • We can use alcohol as an escape, instead of turning to God with our troubles.
  • We can experience spiritual repercussions like pain, guilt, or shame that distance us from God.


If you’re abusing alcohol (or drugs or food or pornography or anything else) in these ways, please turn to God and the support of your brothers and sisters in Christ. You can start with the wonderful Celebrate Recovery program, perhaps at your church or a church nearby.

But if you’re holding a drink and you can honestly say that no one will be hurt if you drink it, that you’re not drinking to escape, and that you can lift your glass to the Father and toast to Him with a smile, then you’ll know you’re drinking it in celebration of His goodness.

So, I guess I can allow the alcohol to clutter my basement fridge, but not my heart.


Take the challenge:

If you haven’t already, prayerfully decide exactly how you feel about alcohol. Search the scriptures, prayerfully ask for wisdom. Then clean out your cupboards and fridge… or choose to let go of any spiritual clutter about what’s in there.


What other “sensitive” topic clutters your spirit?

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