Lean on Him

Read it!

Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant.

–Psalm 119:76

Think it through

I have a hard time staying warm. When I was a child, my dad jokingly referred to me as “snake lady.” (Perhaps this is part of why snakes and I are not friends.) Throw in a thyroid issue that manifested after our third baby was born, and now my hands and feet get so cold they start to turn colors. Even in the summer I shake with chills in air-conditioned areas. Trying to sleep is the worst, because my body shakes so much that I keep myself awake!

For years I’ve sought nighttime comfort in different ways. I wore layers and layers of clothing to bed (which unfortunately didn’t help the shaking, and then when I did fall asleep I’d wake up sweating an hour later). I drank hot decaf tea, which did help the shakes a bit, but then I’d have to get up to go to the bathroom and I’d be freezing again by the time I returned to bed. And I tried cuddling up to Travis to steal his body heat, but he got so uncomfortably overheated in just minutes!

Then, last winter, I invested in a heating blanket. I’d been eying it for weeks, but was reluctant to spend the money. Finally I broke down, bought it, plugged it in, and arranged it on the top of my side of our bed.  I let it heat up for an hour or so before it was time to crawl under the covers.

When I nestled into bed that night, I truly thought I’d discovered a bit of Heaven here on Earth. I was literally covered in warmth and I felt so pampered! I’ve used it every night since (except for a couple of hot weeks in August).  In the end, I had to give up the quick fixes to find the true comfort.

We all seek comfort in a lot of different, mostly ineffectual ways. Our favorite things, like my chocolate, can be a comfort to us, but only a hollow one. When I’m sad or overwhelmed or anxious, I’m comforted by my piece of chocolate for a moment… but no longer.

Surrendering momentary comfort is an important part of a Lenten fast.  We’re giving up our favorite crutch so we can lean on God.


Live it like you mean it

What favorite things do you turn to for comfort? Is it a true, lasting comfort, or an ineffectual replacement for time in prayer?

We should seek comfort in Him. This week, whenever we have the urge to turn to the comforts we gave up, let’s turn to God instead. Maybe you could put a post-it or notecard at the place where you normally keep your special “favorite”… I’ll do the same!


Lift it up

Lord, I’m sorry for the times I’ve felt negative emotions and turned to food instead of turning to You. You deserve so much more than that, You deserve my full heart! I want to seek You first, above all things. And I completely trust that You will comfort me with Your steadfast love.  Amen.


Tell Me About It

How are you going to remember to turn to God this week?


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