Let’s Start Building Your House!

Way back in 2011, I realized that I’d written a mammoth book about how to organize life as a Christian.

I’d followed God’s clear call to “Write the Book” by writing all about personal, home, and family organizing for Jesus—and it was too much for one book! So I took the first half of the manuscript, added a conclusion, and called it Organizing You. That was the easy part.

The hard part was cutting out the second half of my dearly loved and prayed over content. I pasted it into a Word doc and saved it as “OY2.” But in my head, it was called “OY2??” I doubted whether anyone would ever read it.

Even now, it’s hard for me to believe that I’m able to share that content (and more!) with you in Building Your House!


  • Building Your House is being released today, and I’m asking you for a favor. If you’re thinking about getting Building Your House at some point, pretty please go ahead and buy a copy from Amazon today. I’ve learned that it makes a huge different in the Amazon algorithms if there is even a small “run” on the book on the first day. Your purchase will make the book more visible to anyone who’s searching for an organizing book—people I’d love to reach with the love of Christ!
  • Also, I’m putting together a little “launch team” of sorts—people who are excited enough about this ministry to be willing to occasionally share about through social media.  That could be you!  I promise not to be obnoxious and inundate you with stuff, but I’d love to equip you with great content to “share” on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, tweet, or forward to people you think would be interested. As always, my goal is not to sell a million books but to encourage people to live all in for Jesus—and I’d love it if you’d join me in that endeavor! Let me know ASAP if you’re interested. In fact, please help spread the word today by clicking on any of those links and sharing away!
  • To thank you for your ongoing support, I’d like to share with you some exclusive content that didn’t make it into the book—not because it isn’t great, but because I didn’t get it written until after my publisher said, “No more edits—hands off, Sister!” I know he had to cut me off at some point… but I had one more really great thing to add! I’ll only be offering this for one week—so grab the BYH addition today. [Note: I’m now offering this exclusive content only to those who have purchased both Organizing You books.  If that’s you, email me for the BHY addition!] 

Thank you for your support during this hugely exciting time!

May every bit of this adventure glorify God. 

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