Lord, I Surrender!

Read it!: II Samuel 15

But if he [the Lord] says, “I am not pleased with you,” then I am ready;

let him do to me whatever seems good to him.

(vs 26)

Think it through:

Through II Samuel 15, God seems to be talking to me about surrender.

David hears that his son, Absalom, is trying to take the throne. Rather than fighting in the city, David flees to the country. During the flight, he offers to let a group of six hundred men turn back. Then he tells his priest to take the Ark of the Covenant back to the city. Surrender, surrender, surrender. With bare feet and a covered head, David leaves his future in the Lord’s hands.

What is God calling me to surrender today? I’ve got a full head of steam about working on the book now, but in my heart I know that my plans for finishing it may be… ambitious. A little too hurried and rushed.   I’m giving myself spiritual clutter!

I am feeling convicted about setting aside time to work on it, but I need relax into God’s timing, not push through on my own!


Live it like you mean it:

What is God calling you to surrender today? Have you made any plans that are making you uncomfortable deep down? Today, write something to surrender down on a piece of paper, and then burn it. I’ll join you!


Lift it up:

Lord, You are wisdom and peace and love. I am not in control. You are. Thank You so much for that. May my heart rest in You every day, every moment. I love You. Amen.


Tell Me About It:

Do you find surrendering easy or difficult?

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