Loving Others—When it’s Hard

Read it! Philippians 2

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.

Rather, in humility, value others as above yourselves.

(vs 3)

Think it through

I dedicated two pages in the scripture scrapbook to love.  First, a page about loving the Lord:


“He loves you even more than I do, which is hard for me to comprehend! He loves you like crazy! And it’s not enough to just to say, “I believe.” If you believe, then you will love him back. Really, truly love Him.”


I pray that the kids will grow to love Jesus more and more over time; right now their love for Jesus is the beautiful love of children and I’m so thankful for it.

Harder is the page about loving others:


“Be humble and value others more than ourselves? This goes against our grain. But this doesn’t make Christians doormats—we are strong. Instead, it makes us doorways to the Living God. Through us, they can see what Jesus is really like.”


Bottom line: our actions reflect our Savior. Does anyone else feel a bit nervous about that?


Live it like you mean it

My sister-in-law recently went on a mission trip to a foreign land. Before she left, she learned in her culture class that in that particular country, Americans are thought of as rude, pushy, and selfish… and to her dismay, she realized that compared to the people she met on her journey, we often are.

How loving are we to the server to gets our order wrong, to the person who’s driving too slowly? Do we show Christ’s love to the pushy woman who cuts in front of us in line? And by taking a humble stance, are we doormats or doorways?

This week, I’m going to try to slow down and pray for each person I meet outside my home. Hopefully, that will spark a humble, loving, sweet flame in me for others. I’ve taken this kind of challenge before and it can be hard to remember. I’ll wear my watch on the “wrong” wrist to help remind me.

Will you join me, and if so, what will you do to help you remember your loving commitment?


Lift it up

Jesus, I love You, and I want to show Your love to others. Every single person I meet is a beloved, special creation of the Father. Please help me to remember that, to lift them up to You, and to love them as my brothers and sisters. Thank You for each and every person You’ve placed in my path. Amen.



July 22, 2015   The watch thing is really helping me remember to pray for people this week!  Yesterday the kids and I ran errands—seven different places before 1:00!—and I prayed for each cashier.  And get this, everyone I met seemed to be happy and just loving their job at that store!  And my kids and I had a great time—they were fantastic shoppers.  How much of this was my attitude of positivity, and how much of it was God answering my prayers to bless the people I met?  I’m not sure… but I definitely felt blessed.  Thank you, Lord!


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