Making the Most of Snowdays

…or fog days, or cold days, or ice days, or even sick days!


Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow…

Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”

-James 4:14-15


In Building Your House, I talk a lot about organizing your home for your routines—about making those frequent daily or weekly happenings that much smoother by putting what you need right where you’ll need it.

A little preparation can clear out a lot of spiritual clutter!

This maxim also applies to less frequent happenings. We seldom think to plan for them, but there will be days when school will be canceled unexpectedly. Here in Ohio, it could be because of any kind of inclement weather. Even homeschooling is canceled when the students are home sick!

When I see our school district’s name scroll across the TV screen, I experience an instant duality of mind. On the one hand, I’m thrilled. I love an unexpected bonus day just to hang out with three of my very favorite people (as I mentioned here).

But then the reality sinks in that my plans for the day are sunk. I’m not going to get to do what I wanted to do. And, those three very favorite people are going to be very excited about the day off…in other words, extremely energetic with nothing to do and no place to go.

The good news is, moms can plan for these days. When we prepare for the unexpected, we’ll quickly settle into the unexpected joy of a day off!



If you live in Ohio or anywhere else with extreme weather, you probably already have a basic calamity day routine. Ours involves staying in our jammies, playing in the snow (if there is any), having hot chocolate, playing board and card games, and watching a movie after lunch.

What’s your “day off” routine? Whatever it is, I suggest that after your kids have done their happy dance (or thrown up, depending on what kind of unexpected day off we’re talking about), you talk through the plan with them. This settles everyone down and gives them clear expectations, which is half the battle!


Special treats:

Take a look around your house and find one or two things you can put aside for an unexpected day off. This might be a craft kit you’ve never got around to opening, a new puzzle, a movie you enjoyed as a kid, or special board game that you play only on days off. (What clear memories I have of playing Life with my mom when I was sick!)

These special treats don’t have to be tangible things. For sick days (or any unexpected days at home), you could give your kids hand or foot rubs with a sweet-smelling lotion. I love throwing their blankets in the dryer for a few minutes so they get all warm before they snuggle up under them for their movie.


Stocking up:

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Take a moment to make sure that you have medications, accessible clean sheets, and the right kind of hydration (like pedialyte) for a poor sweet baby. You can also hang your school’s absence line number right were you’ll see it (and hopefully never need it!).

I try to make sure we always have hot chocolate in the house for those calamity days (sure…that’s the reason). Do you have a “snowman kit”? There’s nothing worse than making a great snowman and then not having the proper eyes, nose, etc. What other treats can you have ready for a surprise day at home?


Take the Challenge:  

Prepare for the day off that may not come… but then it might!  It will be worth it.


When we face an unexpected day off with the peace of preparation instead of the spiritual clutter of chaos, we can embrace the joy it brings. How often are we handed an excuse to sit and cuddle with our kids while a Disney movie plays? God is handing us an unexpected Sabbath…and we can choose to make it a deeply restful day.


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What’s you’re favorite snow day treat?

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