Meeting Monumental Expectations

Read it!: Amos 3

You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth;

Therefore I will punish you for all your sins.

(vs 2)


Think it through:

Amos is relaying some tough love here, no doubt.

God had granted the Israelites an unbelievable gift of knowledge. They had seen the miracles. They had heard His voice and seen the effects of His presence. His laws were hand-delivered to them on stones carved by His own finger. And yet they chose to ignore Him and go their own way into a sinful lifestyle.

As Christians in the United States, God has chosen us for blessing as well. We can experience corporate worship whenever we’d like. We have as many Bibles lying around our homes as we’d like to buy. In our freedom, we have complete access to His voice, His laws, and His heart. Yet we often choose to ignore Him and go our own way into a sinful lifestyle.

Verse 2 reminds me of Jesus’ words about how to whom much is given, much will be expected. God has given us tremendous blessings, and He expects tremendous obedience.

Are we giving Him what He’s expecting?


Live it like you mean it:

Are you squandering what you’ve been given with disobedience? Take a few prayerful minutes to ask the Lord to show you an area where you’re being disobedient or resistant to His call. Then make a plan to take the first step.

Am I squandering what I’ve been given with disobedience? I do feel that lately God has been speaking to me about obedience in following through with the second book. I’ve been compartmentalizing when I’ll work on it, dragging out the process in my mind if not my heart. Unwilling to plan on those late nights and focused short sessions. It’s time to get this show on the road.


Lift it up:

Lord, thank You for the abundance of blessings I have, the many ways I can worship You, and my total access to your word.  I thank You for the call You’ve given me, and I want to have a heart for… [insert your own thing here, for me it’s my next book]. Please guide me so that I am perfectly on Your path and living according to Your highest expectations. Amen.


Tell Me About It:

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