Observations from the Book Table

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
    I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3

How do you look from behind my book table?

There are so many stories I could tell about the fascinating people I’ve met while on the road as a speaker. At my most recent event, a sweet elderly woman wearing several shawls wanted to take my picture as I signed her book. As she did, one of the shawls slipped and suddenly I was face to face with her chihuahua!

One of the challenges of being a Christian speaker is that I’m trying to help all kinds of people at the same time. In my particular specialty—organizing—I know that I’m speaking to people all over the organizational spectrum.

As I look out at an audience, I know that there are women who are slightly scared, even intimidated by the word “organizing.” Sitting right next to them are people who are more structured than I am! And next to them are the gals who fall somewhere in between.

Where are you on the organizing spectrum? See if you can find yourself in the comments that I frequently hear at my book table:


“I’m a total perfectionist. So, I don’t need your book.”

If a gal truly thinks she doesn’t need my book, she probably isn’t a true perfectionist. She probably just wants me to know that she has high standards and is working hard to achieve them—and that’s great!  If you can enjoy your high standards without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, than you’re right, you probably don’t need my book. (Although I still maintain that using my books to pray over your personal, home, and family organization couldn’t hurt!) But if you do spend time feeling anxious about “having it all together,” read on…


“I need your book! I try to be so organized that I’m making myself crazy.”

Here are the true perfectionists. These women are spinning their wheels, trying to reach an unreachable goal. They’re trying, but it’s not worth the struggle. They need the grace God gives to us wives and mothers. God isn’t calling us to be perfect, He’s calling us to do our best for Him. There is a very wide margin within “organized enough” with room for each of us. (These ladies come back to tell me that my books helped them to relax and heave a big sigh of relief!)


“Oh, I could never do what you do. I’m destined to fail. So there’s no point in getting your books.”

These gals are perfectionists too—frustrated perfectionists. They think, If I can’t make it look like it looks on Pinterest, than I’m not doing it. I wish I could entice these sweet women of God to read just the first few chapters of Organizing You! If this is you, know that you absolutely can bring some peace into your home and life with a little organization. You just have to  explore what will work for you.


“This stuff is so interesting to me! I already know what I’m going to try from your talk. I can’t wait to see if I get any tips or tricks from your books. Thanks for coming!”

These lovely, encouraging ladies are living in a sweet spot: open to new ideas and ways to do things better, but not really struggling in day-to-day life. These are the gals who love to tell you about the great systems they’ve found: “I used to do it this way, but now I do it this way, and it’s so much better!” Most often, these are the gals who write me to tell me that they loved my books, buy them for their friends and family members, and write those precious Amazon reviews. If this is you, then you’ll probably love my books (even if you technically need them the least!).


“I struggle (or have struggled) with anxiety, just like you. It’s so debilitating. I have suffered. I really think what you’re saying can help.”

I pray for every single woman who says these words to me. If you’re nodding along to this, then know I prayed for you as I wrote this post, and as I wrote my books. Even the most faithful women of God can find themselves dealing with anxiety. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong, or being a “bad Christian.” It does mean that you can learn to deal with anxiety, to use organization and intentional surrender as tools to help you fight it. I’ve learned that, and I would love to share what I learned with you through my writing.


My blog, and the idea of my books, may bring out any of these feelings of you, and more! But please know that no matter how you react to the idea of organizing with Christ to clear out your spiritual clutter, you are never, ever alone in feeling that way.  

Other sisters in Christ are right there with you, feeling the same way. I’m right there with you to encourage and help you in any way I can with my books. And of course, God is right there with you, loving you no matter how “organized” you are.


Take the Challenge:

When you hear or read about new organizing ideas, what’s your knee-jerk reaction? Open to it? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? You may want to check out my Unexpected Organizing series here on the Organizing You blog and decide to try one thing that would make your life easier, and more importantly, ease your heart. Or, go for it—get Organizing You and start clearing out your spiritual clutter with Jesus!


Tell me about it:

How do you feel about organization?  Has my ministry message changed your view?  I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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