Organize Your Photos: Halloween Album

The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

Proverbs 10:7

Welcome back to the Organizing Your Photos series, the Halloween edition!

So, Halloween is not my favorite holiday (as I wrote in this post about making Halloween about Jesus). I know that Christians have varied stances on Halloween, and I’m not trying to glamorize it. But I do believe the righteous can find joy, fun, and blessing in Halloween without stepping into wickedness.

And I do love seeing my kids all dressed up! I always take pictures. Since this is a holiday when I’m pretty much guaranteed to have at least one picture, Halloween makes for a perfect As-They-Grow album.

I love the Halloween album because journalling isn’t particularly necessary. If, like me, you’re not a big fan of writing, then this is the album for you. (I don’t know about you, but my journalling would be the same each year: “They dressed up, got candy, and ate some. Then I ate way too much of it.”)

However, you may want to go bigger here and include way more than I did. Fall is a fabulous time for photos: pictures of jumping in leaves, football games, hayrides, pumpkin farms, pumpkin carving, apple picking, apple baking, and apple eating. These are all great things, and you may have a lot to journal about them (as always, you can journal more and/or include fewer photos).

I got a little more “scrapbooky” on this album, but remember that you don’t have to. The point of the Organizing Your Photos series is that we’re enjoying our pictures and remembering our blessings with thankfulness to our Lord! If you start to feel overwhelmed, look back at the Interest Album or first As-They-Grow Album posts.  Simple is great. Simple is probably best…

But there is so much cuteness to be had here! So I’ve really enjoyed scrapbooking at Halloween. Here are some pages that make me feel blessed and grateful. Each page has the same layout with five pictures of dressed-up cuteness.

As always, this album is not perfectly consistent. There are variations due to picture variations, like the year I didn’t get a picture of Spencer and Karly together.

Oh well! Done is better than perfect… and enjoyed just as much!

Then there came the year that Spencer stopped dressing up. It was a bummer, but it was time. He still walked the trick-or-treat route. He still ate some candy. And he’s still in the album.

These pictures aren’t perfect, but they’re my memories and I love them! And there was one year that was pretty close to perfect… the infamous (at least in our house) Star Wars Year.

I still can’t get over that cuteness. And I don’t have to—God gave me these memories to enjoy!

Take the Challenge:

Do you have some Halloween cuteness to enjoy? Print some photos and start an album.  Remember that you don’t have to go back to old photos and start a laborious project, you can start with this Halloween. If you want to, you can work your way backwards, doing one page a month. Or not. You get to choose. Simple or scrapbooked, you get to choose. Just get inspired and enjoy those photos!

For more about organizing your time for a project, check out my first book, Organizing You.  And for ideas about how to make Halloween (and every holiday) about Jesus, read my handbook, Organizing for Joyful Holidays!

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