Organize Your Photos: Marriage Album

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

John 15:12

Here’s a bonus post for the Organizing Your Photos Series!

Way back when I started this series, a reader recommended that I create a Marriage Album in the As They Grow format.  I loved the idea and started looking for pictures of Travis and me, just one for each year.

This was a bit more challenging that I thought it would be.  For one thing, we were married in 1999, long before we had a digital camera. For another, it was difficult to find pictures of us that weren’t full-family pictures featuring the kids as well—let alone pictures I actually liked!  Here’s a page, with infant Spencer photo bombing and me plus several pounds, and then me in a bad haircut.

I plundered my photo stash (and my mom’s!) and managed to find one photo for each year.  I printed them in black and white and decided on a color palate of burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, forest, navy, eggplant, chocolate, and cream.  I also decided to add one element to each page that was representative of the photo.  Here’s a page with us at Christmas and then at a birthday party:

The hardest part was figuring out what to write on each page.  I wanted to express my love for Travis with more than just the date of the photo!  So I decided to make the album into a dictionary of sorts, full of the definitions of our inside-jokes and special code words. This part ended up being the most fun of all!

I liked Stephen King’s quote about each marriage having its own language, so I decided to include it on the title page.

Hopefully this will be a springboard for you make your own marriage album for your valentine!  Remember, you don’t have to make it hard and clutter your spirit with frustration. You can simply put pictures into a small photo album for a lovely gift for your husband.  If you want to include writing but don’t want to write definitions like I did, you could include a few bullet points about what happened each year.

So, take the challenge! Make an album to celebrate your love and God’s blessing of marriage!

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