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Once again I’m going to send you elsewhere to read about all of the great things Organizing You Ministries has for you!


I’ve been privileged to write as a guest blogger this year, so if you’re looking for your daily “devotion with a kick” look no further…

Do you have a “2016 Word,” a word that inspires you to walk closer with Christ? In this post on Mama’s Jungle, you can read all about mine.
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Do you avoid hosting get-togethers in your home? Hop on over EquippingGodlyWomen to  overcome the four reasons we don’t celebrate like we should!Celebration Obstacles


Are you a member of the Calculator Club?  You might be surprised… visit WhatFaithCanDo to find out. (And here all about the fake club I joined in high school.  We were in the yearbook and everything!)calculator club


Also, many bloggers have reviewed my new book, Building Your House. They come from different backgrounds and are called to write for different purposes, but they all have one thing in common: they loved Building Your House (thank you, Lord!). Find a woman or two with whom you identify and check out what they have to say. And while you’re there, take a look around—these bloggers are amazing!

Hilary of wants to help you manage your home with simplicity and grace. She gets the award for my favorite BYH image!

Heather of ComparedToWho wants to help you improve your body image and stop comparing yourself to others, even when it comes to building your house.

Kim of KCreatives is finding order—and creativity—inside her hectic lifestyle.

Barbara of MereWhispers seeks moments of holiness in her day. She’s all about seeking a Biblical approach to home organizing!

Victoria of CreativeHomeKeeper wants to help you live more simply. Here she talks about how hard that is to do when you have three little ones—and all the toys that come with them!

Mandy at WorshipfulLiving talks about how homemaking is an act of worship—I so agree!

Kelli of NotJustAnyone blogs about her son with special needs and has an interesting take on the book.

Abi from JoyInMyKitchen has a humorous voice, and a humorous story to tell about losing her copy of Building Your House! Good thing she found it, because she shares a couple of great practical ways she’s going to apply it.

And, for a sweet surprise:

Jody, blogger of TheSweetandtheSalty, enjoyed Organizing You so much that she wrote a review without me even asking her to! I love how open she is about her organizing struggles, and how she’s allowing herself to go back and address some things after she implements the systems that are most important to her.


I hope the stories of these women inspire you to build your home with Jesus as your Perfect Cornerstone! May God bless you abundantly.

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