I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.

-Psalm 34:1


For the last couple of years, my little family has been making fun of all the hash-tagging.

This began when these symbol-led phrases started popping up on the bottom of our TV screen. I think I noticed it first on shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. (Yes, we still love those two!) #TribalCouncil #Blindside #UTurn

It was just too easy to roll our eyes at those. Soon we were joking in hashtags. Our family banter hit its peak when our neighborhood frozen yogurt shop was bought out by a company called #froyo. As in, “Mom, can we go to hashtag froyo?”


But then I was pretty much pushed onto Twitter by my publisher. (I know, I know, I’m an author, I’m supposed to be doing this.) I don’t know if I’m doing it quite right…but I’m enjoying it much more than Facebook.

I like that everything’s so short and skimmable. I like that the tweets are almost universally positive and usually link to helpful content. I also like that no one seems to tweet about what they’re eating.

When Building Your House was about to be released, my publisher and I chose a “Launch Date” that should have been a safe two or three days after the book went up for sale on sites like Amazon. Soon I started tweeting: it’s one week away… only a few days away… tomorrow!

And then it was tomorrow, and the book wasn’t on Amazon.

I did a pretty good job not being too disappointed that day, or the next day, or the next. On the sixth day (after listening to a lot of hold music on many customer service calls without any results thus far), I started to get a little upset.  And people were starting to ask me, “Where’s the book?”

So I put a little tweet out there into internet land, saying, “Update on the new book: still not ready! Hope to be launching BYH very, very soon—thanks for hanging in there with me. ‪#PraiseHimAnyway”

And then, just for kicks, I clicked on my own hashtag to see what else was there. I absolutely loved what I found:

Flat tires, airport delays, lost money.

Home repairs, illness, bad hair days, storms.

People were disappointed and praising Him anyway.

People were frustrated and praising Him anyway.

And mostly, like me, people were waiting… and praising Him anyway.


Take the challenge:

This week, when you find yourself feeling upset, disappointed, or waiting, toss it out there: #PraiseHimAnyway  Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, or just say it to a family member or friend. Even if your eyes are rolling when you say the “hashtag” part… praise Him anyway.


How are you praising Him anyway today?

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