PrayedforCards is open for business!

As a part of Organizing You Ministries, I now create faith-filled cards and gifts to help you find the perfect way to love, bless, and encourage others!

My Etsy shop has a two-part origin story. I bet you can guess the first part: I started making homemade cards around 2005, and I love it. Like runner Eric Liddell, I feel God’s pleasure when I do what He made me to do well. Several years ago I started making a copy of every card I created for my mom. I soon felt like I was giving her a little gift each time, one that she in turn could pass on to others. That wonderful realization sparked my desire to open an Esty shop. What a blessing to be able to do what I love and share a bit of God’s love with you—and through you, with your family and friends!

The second half of my story is a bit more unusual: If you’re reading this, you probably know that this shop is part of my larger ministry, “Organizing You.” I absolutely love to speak at church events, and I’ve met some amazing women. So often I’ve heard them say, “I feel so uplifted after hearing your talk! You have the gift of encouragement.” I’d always assumed that my God-given spiritual gift is teaching, but after years of speaking and writing the Organizing You books, I’ve realized that His greatest calling for me is to encourage others.

Now I want to encourage you to encourage others! I take my time creating lovingly made, high-quality greeting cards and gifts with a clean, warmhearted look. I only offer items I’ve made ahead so I can ship them quickly, usually within the same day (although I will take special orders!). Then I package my items like a gift for you—and I pray over every parcel.

One big thing that sets my shop apart is this: every card has a “Faithful Words” option. You can choose to encourage others with scripture or other faith-filled words, or you may decide that your words alone are the best way to reach out to someone with love. No matter what words you choose when you send a Prayed for Card, you will be shining for Jesus.

So, please visit PrayedForCards and check out my shop, including my seasonal options and top sellers. You’ll have fun looking, and you’ll find it easy to order exactly what you want.

My hope is that when you receive your Prayed For Cards, you’ll feel loved and encouraged yourself. You’ll know you have been prayed for, and you’ll be excited to encourage others with your words, your love, your kindness, and your prayers. I truly believe you’ll be furthering God’s Kingdom here on Earth by sharing His love with others.

Thank you so much for visiting, and may God bless you!

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
—1 Thessalonians 5:11