Should We Be “Two-Faced” for Jesus?

Read it!: I Samuel 24

When a man finds his enemy, does he let him get away unharmed?

May the Lord reward you well for the way you treated me today.

(vs 19)


Think it through:

By I Samuel 24, King Saul had shown himself to be wildly jealous, delusional, and murderous. David has the perfect opportunity to kill the king—the men around him are urging him to do so! Instead, he confronts Saul with his face to the ground, calling him “My lord the king” and “my father.”   Saul sees reason (for once) and commends David for his action.

Now, Saul was indeed David’s enemy.  And, David had already committed some questionable actions in order to stay out of Saul’s clutches. In our society, David’s words in this chapter might be judged “two-faced” or a hypocritical. But the fact is, God wants us treat others well, whether they’re friends or enemies. Jesus calls us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek.

When I smile and talk to my “enemies,” is that hypocrisy or an earnest desire to show God’s love? I often see people who’ve been unkind or hurtful to me in the past, or even those that I’m jealous of (see this post), and make polite small talk. I ask about how they’re doing, but do I care? I praise they’re accomplishments, but do I sincerely mean it?  Hmm.

I need to hold onto to my heart for Jesus and turn my “one-face” Heavenward!


Live it like you mean it:

Do you ever feel disingenuous when you talk with your “enemies”? Think of one or two of those people with whom you frequently interact. How can you sincerely show God’s love to them without condoning their actions?

I’ve got someone in mind, and the next time I run into that person, I’m going to try to remember to lift up a prayer for her, and to ask for a sincere heart of love. I’m going to put one of my daughter’s craft beads in my coat pocket to remind me (I’ll call it a “prayer bead”).  Will you choose someone and do the same?


Lift it up:

Lord, please forgive me for the times I’ve interacted with Your children and held onto my own hurts or unkind spirit. I want to cling to Your heart even as I guard my own. Please give me an extra dose of Your love for my “enemies.” Amen.


Tell Me About It 

Am I crazy to feel this way? How do you handle your “enemies” with a Jesus heart?

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    1. Good for you, Donnel! Your comment even made me think about how this applies to social media… our responses there have to be just as sincere, you know? Thanks for your comment!

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