So Sometimes Being Young Isn’t All That Great

Read it!: This is a look back at the Young David Bible Study Series.

You may want to review any notes you’ve made, actions you’ve taken, or prayers you’ve written.


Think it through:

As I consider the things that the Lord’s been bringing to my attention through this study of Young David, I’m noticing a bit of a theme. (Hopefully you haven’t noticed it—as least not enough that it’s bothered or distracted you!)

Most of my posts have been ministry-themed, at least in my head. I’ve been asking God questions like:

  • Is what I’m doing enough?
  • How will You bring glory out of all of this weakness?
  • Why aren’t I as successful as the next gal?
  • Am I expecting too much support from my friends and family?
  • Am I still being the mom You want me to be?
  • And what on earth am I supposed to do next?


I feel like I’ve been working diligently on this ministry for a very long time. I’ve been preparing this blog for months. It took two and a half years to write Organizing You. I’ve been speaking at churches for four years.

And before I had any idea I was headed in this direction, God was preparing me for this ministry: I struggled with clinical anxiety for four years. I’ve been a mom for twelve. I’ve been avidly learning about home organization since…I can’t even begin to put a number of years on that. I used to organize my toys.

But the truth is, I’m very young in this ministry.   Young and searching, like David in I Samuel.

I’ve been going at this whole ministry with the wide-eyed enthusiasm and energy of the young. I’ve been working just as hard as I can, giving it every spare minute and more, trying to get the word out about message God’ given me to share.  And though I’ve had good intentions, I look back and realize that much of my effort has been…overeager.  Naive, and thus wasted. It’s time to mature, to hit my stride and walk at God’s pace.

God has used this series to get me to slow down and take a realistic look at who I am in Him. I’m not a girl who’s going to be happy tweeting. I will never love posting on Facebook (although I do enjoy encouraging others). I don’t like to spend time online.  So I will never be very good at promoting myself, my books, my speaking, or any of ministry efforts. And that’s OK.

I need to do my thing like me. For Him. And keep walking.


Live it like you mean it:

Is there anything in your life that you’ve been attacking with the enthusiasm of the young? Anywhere that you’re feeling overeager, naive?  Are you ready to hit your stride and walk at God’s pace?

If so, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. I just sat down with my ministry goals and spent almost a whole day talking to Jesus about them. Scaling back. Getting realistic. Truly trusting. How can you rewrite some of your goals in order to put yourself at God’s pace?


Lift it up:

Lord, You know my heart. You know that while I want to do my best for You and am willing to sacrifice according to Your call, I’ve been barreling along with a youthful fervor that’s almost certainly more than what You want of me. Please help me to find a mature heart in You. I want to walk with You, at Your pace, right be Your side, always. Amen.


Tell me about it:

Have you found an overarching theme through your time with Young David? What connections have you made? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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