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You need a fantastic speaker to make your event a success…

even better, a true blessing to those who attend.

I consider myself a speaker who writes, not the other way around.  Speaking is my ministry sweet spot. 

Not only am I the author of the Organizing You books, I’ve been speaking at women’s events, seminars, retreats, churches, and even Christian corporate events since 2011.  I’ve given talks up and down the Midwest from Michigan to Texas, and my Time Management Video has been viewed by moms’ groups from Maine to California.  Now, I’d love to come speak to the women of your church!

I want to help you create an amazing event…   

I’d love for you to start with my Endorsements, so you’ll know you’re at the right place (and so you’ll start getting excited!).

Then, read my Speaking FAQ’s and watch my speaking videos.  This short speaking trailer (and the other speaking clips you’ll find with it) will show you what my ministry is all about.  (Spoiler: it’s all about Jesus.)

Next, check out the detailed descriptions of my Talk Topics so you’ll know just what I’ll be presenting.  Don’t miss the Recommendations and Resources I have for you so we can make your event exceptional!  (You can also take a sneak peek at the Promotional Materials I’ll be sharing with you.)

Then you’ll be ready to check my availability, get a free quote, and Book It!

And I’ll be so ready to come.

Please note: If you’re a Moms’ group coordinator with a limited budget, you may want to skip straight from the Endorsements to the Organizing You Time Management Video Meeting.  I’d love to come and visit you in person, but this video is the next best thing!


“Thank you, Shannon! It was such a pleasure having you! You are an amazing speaker who kept us thinking, and laughing! You are sooo relatable and a lot of the women came up to me saying how great a meeting this was…so thank you! We would love to have you back! God bless you and your amazing ministry!”

-Laura Batta, MOPS Coordinator in Mason, OH