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Once you’ve booked an event with me, I want to help you make it a success!  

Please let me know if you’d like me to publicize your event as an “open event” and I’ll invite my peeps to attend.  I’d also love to give you some promotional materials so we can reach more people for the Lord together:


Bio Information

You can pull anything you’d like from my about page, or you can download this written biography. Feel free to edit it down to the length you need.



You can introduce me however you’d like, but here is a downloadable introduction that you can print and read if you wish.  There are a couple of important things I’d like the audience to know before I begin—those things are marked with bold text.  I have specific intros for each talk topic and will send you the right one about one month before your event.


Social Media Help

Here are some general things you might want to post, tweet, or include in your church’s newsletter or bulletin.  I have a specific Social Media Sheet for each talk topic and will send that to you as well!


Fill-in Poster

This is an 8.5 by 11 inch fill-in poster for you to hang around your church and community.



Feel free to use any of the video trailers and speaking clips here on vimeo to help promote your event, both online or during a church service.



Again, you can pull any photos off of this website you’d like!  Here are of few of the ones most commonly used:







Just in case you’d like to use them, here are two logos, a horizontal one and a vertical one.


oyou-vertical logos-1


Book Covers

Feel free to use images of my book covers as well!

Organizing You Cover Purple




If you’d like to share my Spiritual Clutter Quiz with the ladies at your event, you can choose the Moms’ Version or the Ladies’ Version.



I have a specific handout to go with each of my talks.  I’ll send that to you, along with the topic-specific Introduction and Social Media Sheet, about one month prior to your event.  If you’d like them sooner, just let me know.


And don’t miss these Event Coordinator Resources!

Click here to read some recommendations and resources I have for you… let’s make your event something that will really bless every participant!