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I have a lot of group leaders ask me questions like, “Which one do you think would be best?” or “Which one of these two would you rather do?”  Those are unfair questions! 

I love all of my speaking topics… but it is true that different topics have different feels and would be great for different types of events.  I can help you with that, and I can help make your event special with additional fun elements!

• If you’re hosting a diverse group of women (not “moms only,” in other words), consider inviting all of the women of your church and community for a fun “Ladies’ Night Out” to hear about Wardrobe Organization, Christian Hostessing (Party Organization), or Organizing for Christmas.  Each of these talks is a lot of fun and has a broad appeal to all women, no matter what their walk in life.

 For any ladies looking for some organizational help, consider Time Management or Organizing Belongings.  These are also great topics for Ladies’ Nights, but are a little more about “serious” organization than the three I just mentioned.

 For a group with a parenting flair, or for a group made up of moms with school-aged children (like Momsnext), consider having me talk with you about Organizing Family Fun.  

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a gathering at your church or out in the Christian community, you’ll definitely want to choose “My Song.”  This talk is a 30-minute presentation about how the Lord has blessed me and given me a unique ministry message to share.  You can even invite the guys to this one if you’d like—it’s for any Christian audience!

If you’re hosting a women’s retreat,  “My Song” is the perfect way to begin it!  I love to combine this inspirational keynote talk with one or more of my other talks so we can create a fantastic retreat together.  If you’d like a third session, the informal “5 Stumbling Blocks” organizing workshop is the perfect addition.

If you’ll have both men and women who are interested in learning more about organization, or if you’re hosting an event where you know there will be people of widely different backgrounds and beliefs, check out my informal “5 Stumbling Blocks” organizing workshop.  Though I do share briefly about my faith, I do so in a very laid-back way so the hearts in the audience will stay open to my message.  It’s my hope that my love of the Lord will shine through, and that they’ll be interested enough in my material that they’ll want to read my faith-based books and blog.  

Time Management and Organizing Belongings are all great topics for a fall Kick Off the Year Right meeting, or in the month of February, when New Year’s resolutions have worn thin and the women of your group are ready for some real change!

• Organizing Christmas would be perfect for a late November or early December moms’ meeting, a Ladies’ Night Out Event, or your church’s Ladies’ Christmas Tea!

 For a love-themed February event, consider Wardrobe Organization.  It’s a lot of fun and I do mention the importance of looking cute for you hubby- but in such a way that the single moms in your group won’t feel left out.  I also address positive body image in this talk, so it’s perfect for tweens and teens attending a Mother-Daughter Tea.

• Christian Hostessing (aka Party Organization) is a great topic for a September meeting or event, so I can encourage the women of your group to get to know one another through hostessing.  It would also be a lovely topic for a spring moms’ meeting, a Ladies’ Night Out Event, your church’s Spring Tea, or Garden Party Tea—it’s a perfect lead-in to summer entertaining!

Organizing Family Fun is a great talk for the late spring or early summer as moms are anticipating the last day of school and all of the family fun to be had in the summer! As a group, you can fill in your own free park hopping printable and set several group playdates for the summer.

For a fun icebreaker at your event, print out copies of the Spiritual Clutter Quiz. I have a pretty PDF version for you on the “promote it” page!  The women will chuckle as they compete the quiz and have a lot to talk about when they’re done!

 To help make a lasting impact, you can create a Post-it and Pray-it Challenge.  Give each attendee two sticky notes and ask them to write on each one an action they’re planning to take based on the talk they’ve just heard.  They should take one note home to pray over, and leave one note with you on a poster board “prayer wall” for your ministry team to pray over.  This way you’ll give them an extra push to apply some of the Biblical principles from my talk, and they’ll feel supported and loved after your event.

Another idea is to give your ladies colorful paper bags (the kind with little handles), with crayons and stickers on the tables for each lady to use to decorate them.  Then have colorful slips of paper on the table for the ladies to write down their pieces of spiritual clutter as they think of them.  One event coordinator said, “You could write down ideas about things you want to organize and take the bag home with you. Or, write down pieces of spiritual clutter you want to give to the Lord and chuck your bag in the trash on the way out!”  (I’ve also seen people write their spiritual clutter on pieces of paper and leave them in a canister for the leaders to pray over and burn later.)

One final recommendation:

Consider giving the ladies time to talk together after my presentation!  Rather than having a lot of activities and trying to squeeze me in, allow the women some table time to share stories, ideas, and tips with each other.  I promise that my talk, combined with the handout I’ll be sending you, will give the ladies of your group plenty of things they’ll want to discuss!  If you’re concerned about time, this can add some built-in flexibility to the event.  Additionally, this will give your ladies more time to approach me with their questions before it’s time to leave.  Of course, it’s your event and you should run it however you’d like, but this is my sincere recommendation for a marvelous, meaningful, and moving event!

And one very, very last thing:

If you are a moms’ group and you want to hear about one of the more “for anyone” subjects like Wardrobe, Hostessing, Time, Belongings, Christmas, or “My Song,” please consider asking the women in your congregation and community to join you for a “special” meeting!  This is a great opportunity for outreach… and to make it a real party!

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Shannon is such a gifted and talented speaker.  She is helping a multitude of moms with her ministry and we plan on asking her to return for many years to come!

 -Stacey Driftmyer, Grove City Nazarene MOPS Coordinator