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What is “spiritual clutter”?

Many women struggle with too much stuff and no where to put it, but all of us deal with the clutter of insecurity, anxiety, and fear.  We’re filled with I have to remember to…I’d better hurry up and…I should be…thoughts, thoughts that distract us from our families and distance us from our Lord.  I want to help you clear out your spiritual clutter with Jesus!

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Are your talks just about organizing?

Nope!  In every talk, I share a bit of my story, talk a lot about Jesus, and offer real organizing ideas and solutions.  I would never leave my sisters in Christ feeling overwhelmed or guilty about what they aren’t doing.  My goal is to entertain (so you’ll listen and have fun), equip (so you’ll leave with the tools to clear out some spiritual clutter), and empower (so you’ll be filled with God’s love and excited to live in His abundance)!  

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Do you talk just to moms… or to women-only groups… what if men will be attending my event?

I love to talk to everybody!  I have nine different talk topics. Most are intended for women of all ages and stages, and one, my keynote talk, is intended for any Christian audience.  I also give an informal workshop for anyone who wants some organizational help.

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How long do you usually speak?

My talks each take one hour.  Ideally, I like to have about fifty minutes to speak, plus ten to fifteen minutes to answer questions from the audience.  The exception to this is “My Song,” which is a thirty-minute keynote talk for special events.  (You can also combine “My Song” with one or more of my other talks for a longer event like a women’s retreat.)

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Would women who aren’t interested in organization, or those who already feel organized, learn anything from your presentations?

Yes!  My talks are relevant to any woman who wants to walk closer with Jesus, because I challenge her to clear out her spiritual clutter.  Everyone has some of that!  Women who aren’t interested in being super organized will hear realistic, adaptable ideas for their homes.  Women who already feel organized will find new and more effective ways to become closer to their families and their Lord.

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I’m not a part of a women’s group—can I still hear you speak?

Of course!  Just contact your pastor or women’s ministry leader and arrange for your church to host a “Ladies’ Night Out” for all the Christian ladies in your church and community.  You supply the location (and maybe a snack—did someone say chocolate?) and I’ll do the rest.  I can tailor many of my speaking topics to an audience that includes women of all ages and life situations.

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Would you come speak to my not-necessarily-Christian women’s group?

Absolutely!  I do give an informal workshop that I created for diverse audiences, and I’d be happy to share many of my more formal talks with your group as well.  But—be forewarned—I won’t take all of “the Jesus stuff” out of my message.  In fact, I would add a little more Jesus stuff by sharing more of my personal faith story.  Don’t worry—I won’t do an altar call, or hit anyone on the forehead and shout “Jay-sus!”  But neither would I pass up an opportunity to share about my joy in Him!

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Do you speak at women’s retreats?

Yes!  If you’re looking to create a retreat with several sessions, I’d recommend starting with “My Song,” then choosing one of my eight topical talks for the main session.  If you’d like a third session (or a break-out session), the informal organizing workshop is the perfect addition!

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What is your speaking fee?

My speaking fee is based on the type of engagement, the travel time, and travel expenses.  If you let me know your location and what kind of engagement you’re interested in, I’ll be happy to give you a quote.  

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What if my event budget won’t cover your speaking fee?

There are a few things you can do. You may want to charge for event tickets, or contact other churches in your area and ask them to join you in sponsoring an event for your whole community. You may be able to pay for a portion of my speaking fee, and then take a “love offering” at the event to cover the rest of the fee. This is a ministry for me, so I’ll do my best to help you find a solution.

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What if my moms’ group can’t afford your speaking fee?

Though I would love to be there in person, I realize that many moms’ groups don’t have the budget for airfare and a hotel stay. The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to tape my cornerstone Time Management talk and offer it to moms’ groups everywhere!

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I appreciated Shannon’s sincerity, her vulnerability, and the honesty in her testimony.   What stood out were the references to scripture.  With scripture being the standard, everything else just falls into place according to individual style and personal preference.

–Sherry, mom of three and home educator