Chore Organization

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Yes, though Chore Organization sounds like the most boring topic ever, I’m telling you that it’s awesome.  There is just something about this talk—more moms joyfully tell me their “ah-ha” moments about this topic than any other!

Chores are a part of our lives whether we like it or not.  They clutter up our spirits with I have to remember to… or worse, Oops, I should have… thoughts.   I’ll challenge each woman in your group to decide for herself what chores she wants to do and how often she needs to do them.  I’ll discuss:

• How to stop thinking about your chores all the time

• My favorite chore planning system

• Doing fewer chores with intention

• Daily and weekly chores

• Chore plans and weekends (including a no-guilt discussion about Sundays as a day of rest in the Lord)

• Monthly and less frequent chores

• Chore plans and working moms, or families with nontraditional schedules

• Mopping for Jesus

“Ever since I started [Shannon’s system], my whole attitude has changed.  I honestly feel like a new person.  Who would have thought chores held such a power over me?  lol”

“So true!  Now I feel like I have power over it and I “conquer” my chores daily.  I get more satisfaction from having my house in order.  Plus, I don’t resent chores so much… thanks again!

-moms Kailey and Bethany, via Facebook