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Help them help you!  You can avoid the spiritual clutter of put-upon, poor-me feelings by encouraging your family members to help out with willing spirits.  In other words, you can organize with your husband and kids instead of for them.

I delve into parenting and marital issues here, all in the name of organization!   I’ll help the moms in your group incorporate their husbands and kids into their organizational systems by speaking about:

• Keeping realistic expectations (of both husbands and kids)

• Changing your ways first

• Being the runner of your household while your husband is the head of it—

in other words, submission (oh, I’ll go there)

• Reassessing your family’s division of labor

• Using rewards to inspire change

• Using Family Spirit to keep the help coming

• Being content with your portion


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Shannon’s message and strategies have changed how I do life!  They’re realistic, logical, exciting ideas—ideas that work!—helping me to focus on my family and what’s really important instead of the constant spinning circles I once did.

—Donnel, MOPS mom of two