Organizing Belongings

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Are you overwhelmed by your material blessings?  

Actual physical clutter can seriously cloud a woman’s spirit!  Taking care of too much stuff can make you feel weary, and every pile becomes an item on your infinite mental to-do list.

We can save time, money, and hassle by organizing our belongings in a way that’s realistically maintainable by our families.  I’ll challenge the women in your group to think about their stuff—both why they have it and how they’re storing it.  I’ll give any woman in any home great food for thought about:

• Stuff love, and a Christian’s view on stuff (without the guilt trip)

• How much stuff to have

• A step-by-step plan for how to organize any space

• Sorting (what to keep and what not to)

• Sentimental value—how to keep the memories without the actual stuff

• Organizing in a functional way that works for you (and your family members)

• Adding new stuff to the mix without having to reorganize everything

• Contentment with your portion


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Shannon’s presentation was entertaining and informative, well-organized and full of practical tips.  Her engaging speaking style held the group’s attention, while her talk was encouraging and uplifting.  I wish I had heard it when my children were young!

-Christie, MOPS Mentor Mom