Organizing Family Fun

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Can you plan to be spontaneous?  Can you organize family fun?  Absolutely! 

You can be intentional about bringing fun into your relationships with your husband and kids.  The Lord wants us to enjoy this life, so let’s get to it!

Moms are barraged with ideas about family activities, DIY crafts, outings, day trips, and vacations.   Newspapers, magazines, Web sites,  blogs, and well-meaning friends all fill our heads with stuff we’ve just got to do.  Talk about your spiritual clutter! 

I’ll help the moms in your group discover what they actually want to do and how to get it done when I talk with them about:

• So much fun, so little time

• Mommy Comparisons vs. The Contentment Point

• The Lovely List, The Beautiful Binder, and The Practical Pinterest Board

• Vacations, Daytrips, and Outings

• Date nights with your husband and your kids (but not at the same time)

• Family activities and playdate back-up plans

• Using fun activities to strengthen your relationships

• Praising the Lord with your joyful Doorstop Mentality


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Shannon has the knack for encouraging her audiences through tough topics that, in less skilled hands, might degenerate into frenzied to-do lists and a guilty conscience.  Her presentations are well-ordered and interesting, while Shannon herself is a charming blend of humor, common sense, and grace.

–Kate, Housewife and mother of two